Friday, April 27, 2012

La Boca

With Soki, Aisa & Josh 
Thanks to Cevanne Shop for my brown classic sling! It fits my Oly cam, makeup, cards and some cash. Perfection. 

A tower of cute Ray-Ban cuppycakes

Nicole + I wondering why our other church mates never go out! Hey girls. 


Ray-Ban recently launched their summer collection, La Boca (link leads to my post about it on Tumblr). I was running really late so I quickly grabbed the only colorful thing in my closet that I haven't worn out yet (going through a sea of black clothes is torturous). The program was over when I got there but I had enough time to talk to the team & some friends over drinks. Headed to Priv√© with the guys right after for Models' Night! Whyyy are my girl friends always missing on great nights like this?! 

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