Friday, April 20, 2012

On Higher Ground


Okay, I really thought Sarah G. was going to pop out of the stage like the other performers! Maybe in another concert :P 

I had to take a video of this part-- it was like a Gary V choir & they all sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow together. So cool!

 This night was the 3rd run & the place was packed


So glad Paolo gave us tickets to his dad's concert (which he co-directed). Despite the technical difficulties, we were all in awe of the graphics! And of course, the vocals were just perfect (as expected from a Gary V concert). I also LOVED the performances of Quest and Julianne. 

It's a show for all ages- kids will love the effects, older kids like me (haha) will love the current/more upbeat tunes and mums will surely get kilig with the classic Gary V songs.  :)  

This is going to run until May 10. Visit the official Facebook page for dates & ticket prices! 

And a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to tito Gary, Paolo, Quest & Julianne!!! 
You guys have to watch! :) 


Melai said...

I LOVE Gary V! Yeah, looks cool. I'm amazed at how Gary, an "old" artist can really go through the changes that happened as the years passed by. He's sooo relevant till now. True artist! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Tops said...

"On Higher Ground" was definitely a show to remember. I just saw the April 19th show and hoping to get another viewing in May. And I hope come 30th next year, there will be bigger things for Gary V. and all of us fans. I had a blast on that concert. I actually had a chance to sing with him in "Di Na Natuto".

Very good review on the show Ms. Raleene. God bless.

Raleene said...

Melai- diba?? so cool :)

Tops= You sang with him? My mom would've been fangirl-ing after if she had the chance to do that! haha! Thanks for liking my review :)