Wednesday, May 9, 2012

BTS- Mia Arcenas shoot


Was in Cebu last Sunday for a photo shoot with Mia. She's launching her website again really soon and is revealing her spring/summer line apart from new kaftans (which she's known for).

We were driving around Busay and shooting at different locations Mia chose the day before, only to realize how dangerously steep some of them were! I guess she underestimated the slopes when she was focusing on the sites. Good thing we were still able to haul all of the things up... It was quite a challenging shoot because of the time constraint-- I was flying back to Manila at 9 PM and I shot my last frame at exactly 8 PM! Good thing everything's 15 minutes away in Cebu and thank God for the clear business class counter and friendly attendants! I was able to get my bags checked in at 8:30 when the plane was boarding. For some reason everyone at the airport was extremely slow and the lines were craaaaaazy long at check-in because everyone was cheering for the basketball game. Am I the only Filipino who's not into basketball? Was looking like a total rebel dressed in black and being the only one facing against the TV at the check-in area. I rarely complain and I'm so used to how the airport becomes a circus on most days but it was a marketplace that night. I guess it was a good game?

Judging from this post, I'm sure you all understand that my day was pretty uneventful apart from having to work with a great team. Jonii didn't need much direction and our makeup artist worked really fast.

Thank you to Mia for giving me a good reason to fly back & visit my home for a day! Can't wait to show you guys the photos! 

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