Sunday, May 13, 2012

mexican + american + japanese

Just some photos from restaurants I've visited with the family this week

Oralé (the Fort Strip)

fish tacos

Burgoo (Powerplant Mall/Rockwell)

My sister's phone + new mic for vlogs/music videos. It's easier to connect that mic to the micro 4/3s cameras/DSLRs we have 

Jozu Kin (Burgos Circle)

Jozu Kin
Jozu Kin
really liked this- spicy tuna with Japanese mayo  

Jozu Kin

It's almost 5 AM, I'm really hungry and can't seem to sleep even after taking 2 melatonin tablets and watching 3 movies on DVD (watching TV bores me to death, supposedly). No idea why I like torturing my soul by posting about food at the state I'm in but I figured I needed something different on my blog at the moment. 

ORALÉ- where we took Gigi for her birthday last Wednesday. I had 1/3 of the fish burrito and a fish taco. I remember not wanting to eat there again because the portions were just soooo huge! Okay, the food was too good for words but I am not trying out more than 1 dish on my next visit. I'm sticking to one and sharing it with a friend (experienced the worst food coma that day). For a place with really big servings, their stuff's priced really well. It's a good place to head to when you're carbo-loading. I didn't get to take photos since everyone attacked as soon as the plates reached the table. Not a good idea to hold out on lunch til 3:30 PM on a busy sched & super sunny day. 

BURGOO- Mum took us there before watching the Avengers for the 2nd time but I didn't eat a thing. Was too full so I had to resort to taking photos and posting random things on Instagram. My siblings have been daring me to post stupid things (like a photo with 4 pictures of my face) just to see if people would actually like it. I now conclude that people will like anything on Instagram as long as you pretend to be serious about posting them. 

JOZU KIN- Where I had lunch with mum last Friday while taking a breather from the construction going on at my flat. Possibly the best Japanese joint I've been to this month. The food's also cheaper than most Jap restos I frequent. 

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