Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fire & Ice

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On June 30 I was invited to witness Ruffa Gutierrez unveil two things as she celebrated her birthday at Aracama. 

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She gleefully announced bringing back something from the 90's.

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After neglecting her website for two years, she finally relaunched it during Social Media Day. She was actually one of the first few celebrities who owned a website way back in 1998. As she now understands the potential of the online medium, she's opened a new, hip site of her own

It’s important to have web presence. Social media and the internet have totally changed the world and how we communicate.” she says. 
The page, which exudes Ruffa’s familiar sophisticated-yet-sweet charm, is a chic contrast of sexy chocolate brown and girly pink. This site is iPad-friendly, too! 

Along with the new website, this model, host, actress, beauty queen and celebrity daughter also made us recognize a role that she's highly uncredited for... 

Ruffa first founded the ROOF-A-CHILD Foundation back in 1998. For her birthday this year, she and her friends helped build five houses for Habitat for Humanity. She is set to revive her ROOF-A-CHILD Foundation- only this time it's bigger and better.

ROOF-A-CHILD is a project that provides shelter for disadvantaged kids coming from abusive homes, abandoned by their parents, or afflicted with disabilities. Apart from its literal denotation, ROOF-A-CHILD aims to equip the youth with the tools they need for holistic development through educational, athletic, and cultural means. It also organizes feeding programs and medical missions. On the grander scheme, this non-profit foundation intends to promote economic independence in impoverished communities by providing livelihood programs and cooperative projects, thus ensuring a flourished, more stable life.

Today, Ruffa is more determined and focused towards this foundation. Her celebrity status can help greatly in making a difference in people's lives. 

The relaunching of her site will surely strengthen her web presence even more! I truly admire here for sticking to this cause and her mission. She is certainly using her fame for great things.

I wasn't able to stay after the launch (Riz & I had to perform at Ayala Triangle for Social Media Day / the Tweetup Manila event), but a Fire and Ice themed celebration also happened that night. Still, I was so glad I got to see the real Ruffa. Indeed, she doesn't get older, she just gets better!

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