Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Nicki Minaj + first half of July

Starships were meant to FLY

The screens transformed the stage into a Barbie house

I loved this funky outfit & her sky blue wig! 

The lucky gals she brought up on stage

One of them turned out to be a Philippine All-Stars dancer

I officially love Nicki just cos she's so cute & she calls her fans Barbz. I loved it when she performed a bit of reggae and ending the night with Superbass was perfect! It made the arena shake.

I was a bit bummed that I didn't make it to the press conference that morning (I was too sick to get up) but 'til now I still can't believe that I'm able to see some of the biggest pop stars live & up close! Ever since I moved here for college it's been a lot easier to watch all my favorite musicians. My dad doesn't really get why we have to see them perform live and I used to cry about being stuck in Cebu (back in high school) whenever a huge star was performing in Manila... Especially when Alicia Keys was here! I envied my friends who flew to MNL for the day just to see her. Imagine having a home in Manila and not being allowed to spend a bit for tickets to see my idols...
But now I can't even count the number of concerts/awesome gigs I've been to this year! Soooo thankful. Nothing compares to being constantly high on music.

IMG_5758 copy
Thank you so much to Globe for the tickets!

178011_10151151987961414_5 copy
Was happy to be seated with my batch mate Pia (she knew ALL the songs; biggest Nicki Minaj fan I know)

IMG_5759 copy
...and Cheyser! Had fun talking to her about blogging & taking up interior design on our way to the arena.
Tried our best to come up with colorful outfits. My top is from Folded & Hung

I even made my nails pink & glittery for the concert

Now for some more iPhone photos snapshots taken this month...

My friend Kat arrived from the states and of course she had to "fight her jetlag" by partying on the same night she got here.

Cesca + Kat 

Bumped into some friends... 

... and apparently had long conversations with them. If not for these photos, I wouldn't remember ever seeing them! (Sorry, Nicole! Still wondering about the talk we had)

19 copy
Honestly had to photoshop out some of the lipstick smudges on this photo... Tip for the ladies- never wear dark lipstick when you're planning on drinking a bit too much (for the record, I didn't intend to. SRSLY). 

Thanks to Joseph for taking a zillion photos with my iPhone and for reassuring me that I was able to walk out PrivĂ© like I was totally fine. 

Before I end this post, I want to say a big THANK YOU to...

...SUMMIT MEDIA for always sending me my favorite zines each month!
(Not pictured- Yes! Magazine, which my mum stole cos it's her favorite)
You can still get this month's issues at your favorite bookstores

...to SAMANTHA GODINEZ for my super cool oversized glasses...

... to Sheen /HEURSHEEN for these wicked spiked loafers...

2 copy
...to Jen Nguyen for bringing me home the iPhone case I've always wanted...

And thank you, bacteria-infested Manila, for making me cough my brains out last week... resulting to 2 cancelled gigs :(
Makeup helps to make me look less like a walking zombie, but I had to keep my hood on during all my review classes. These self-shots were taken to prove that the amount of makeup was thick enough to cover all traces of redness on my face. Thank God I'm a girl and the use of concealer is deemed acceptable & normal.

I want to apologize for posting tons of iPhone pics on this entry, but sometimes taking photos for Instagram is just so much easier than having to take out my camera and adjusting the settings for everything. Fret not, I promise to use my "real camera" more for my next post. I am dying to share so many things with you guys but I haven't had the time to actually sit down & organize my thoughts for those topics.

For now, please check out the writeup that Folded & Hung posted about me on their Street Life section HERE. Get to know me more especially if you're new to my blog.

And please pray for me to focus and study well for my big exam!!! Hopefully the lack of good blog posts will be worth it in the end. :)

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