Monday, July 2, 2012

STATUS Magazine tea party


the new office is super cozy

the afternoon was basically just a whole lot of craziness 

with unlimited milk teas from Moonleaf

fellow bloggers

The Adam Levine bookmark was too cute

Challenging musical chairs using ergonomic chairs with wheels... 
Half of the group playing were Status interns & the rest were bloggers. Krissy won the game. Hurray for bloggers!  

I love the blown-up photos of their past issues around the office. Can someone refer me to a place that does high-quality prints? 

back to a black + denim ensemble for a rather gloomy afternoon

Lovin' this sheer, lightweight blazer from Folded & Hung! It's perfect for our bipolar weather. 'Twas really great worn over the overly-loose denim top (which I even had to tuck it in my skirt for these shots). 

The tea party was a lot of fun & I am diggin' the new office! Status has sure come a long way. I can't believe I've been getting their zines even before it was being distributed at our school for free! I remember being photographed for my outfits during the first issues, and of course I can't forget being featured in it as an influencer for Sony Walkman.  Big thanks to the Status team for inviting us bloggers for an intimate tea party to view your awesome new issue with my lover on the cover (LOL). 

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