Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First half of August 2012

It's that time of the month wherein I post a ton of uncategorized photos in one entry... 


Got to see Benny Benassi at Republiq thanks to Globe Tattoo. I can safely say that his set was the best I've ever experienced at Republiq. Total. Musical. High. I'm not even saying that because of the alcy-- I was perfectly sober & had to stay that way for my 9AM class the next day. Pia might've been annoyed at me for saying "THIS IS AWESOME" the entire night, but we ended up talking about how amazing the music was when she slept over at my place. This was the week I had gotten used to sleeping for just 1 to 2 hours per night because of all the... events. 

I have about 5 panels of full-length mirrors at my flat and everyone seems to like the one near my multi-level table. Cheyser's wearing my studded Zara boots & surprisingly she managed to fit her 6.5 feet into my 8.5 booties.

Nicole & I bumping into each other at Prive, as yooosh.

Webcam-hammin with the twin before a [rare] night-out with her

Me, trying to show how much I've missed the sun. My windowsill is the perfect spot to be all  melancholic or pensive. 

I am now a part of the Nail It! family and I feel so lucky! Love them for being quick and for always doing a neat job on my nails. The only way you can tell if I'm going through a tough time is when I haven't had my nails done in a while. 

Went for a simple & polished look for a wedding gig

Also got my makeup done by Kris Bacani for a photoshoot. Glossy lips and eyes, yes? I find that I always get chosen for the strong lip look during shoots. The challenging ones for me are the more demure/feminine/smiley looks. *cringe*

Like any other girl, I seem to be obsessed with taking photos of my food before diving in... I've been trying to practice only eating real, good food when I eat out... 
Grilled salmon with "veggies like rice" from Mamou- added to my faves list

And then sometimes I get forced to give in to treats... Thank you, Camille!!! 

Sort of went crazy over the unlimited sashimi at Kat & Brian's wedding... This is a photo from the buffet, I couldn't hoard the entire supply to my table without being noticed. Boo. 

Lounging while on a True Blood marathon. I am slowly filling up those shelves & trying to test my design. I sure hope the screws hold up. They're made of wood & stainless steel. 

IMG_4733 copy
When [kuya] Vito is in town, he rounds up the CRAZY Cebuanos for a night of heavy drinking and dancing. 

With Ira, Miko & Camille at the UP ADHOC photo shoot.

Finally got to meet Dane, one of my favorite bloggers who also happens to be my neighbor. 

Thanks to Bea from ClickTheCity for letting me take photos at the Nelly Furtado press launch! 
My photos don't do justice to her divine caramel skin! 

I also scored tickets for my sister and I to watch Gym Class Heroes & Nelly the next day. I was just staring at Travie the entire time.  

Some more IG photos...
Many thanks to the Trend Bureau for helping me score my first ever Chanel! 

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