Tuesday, September 11, 2012


What I wore during the blessing of my new flat + a gig at High Street 
Topshop silk drawstring shorts, sweater + tank top combo = instant bedtime garb the moment I take off those (Zara) boots 

[if you're wondering about the quality of these photos- these were taken by my iPhone & uploaded on 3G. My internet line still hasn't been fixed. Globe, por favorrrrr!]

I hastily bought a pair of Celine sunglasses the moment I found out that our stores just started carrying the brand. I originally wanted to go for the classic Audreys, but the Preppy caught my attention. It's shorter and the cut on the bridge is a bit more modern. I wanted to get these oversized gold ones that the salesladies kept forcing me to purchase but the Preppy's lenses were polarized so that was the deciding factor. I also put up a poll on Twitter and Instagram while taking forever to decide. Thank you to those who responded right away! 

I want to be able to divulge more about my life here but there really isn't anything interesting happening as of late and I am planning to keep it like that until October. I am looking forward to more nights in, studying and channeling my energy on projects, and getting my internet fixed. I am about to go mental, you guys! Plus I just can't force myself to edit in coffee shops. It's discomfiting to know that someone might be observing your routine. I am oversuspicious like that. 

Slightly excited to write about something more interesting tomorrow... I am cheating on this blog by posting too much on Instagram and Tadaa. Whoops. 


Anonymous said...

where did you buy the Celine Audrey sunnies? :)

Raleene said...

at that optical shop beside the cinemas at Rockwell /Powerplant mall :)

Raleene said...

Oh and they're not Audreys. They're Celine Preppys. They don't carry the Audreys at Rockwell.

Erika said...

How much are those sunnies? :)

Raleene said...

A little over Php 14,000.