Sunday, September 16, 2012

What do I wear to LIV?

I had previously written about being one of the ambassadors for the UP Economic Society's month-long chain of events to celebrate their anniversary. I LIV for design & music, and the rest of the ambassadors represent the different fields of fashion, photography, performance arts, design and dance. 

The main event will take place at a big field and aside from the music and drinks we're supposed to be bringing a few other things...

This is optional and they will have some available at the event, but if I were you I'd bring my own to make sure I have the biggest one. So excited to attack all of you with mine!

Gotta keep those gadgets nice and dry

Just to make sure you guys don't lose your booze... That would make for an awful night, now would it? 

Because of the watergun fight, I would probably wear something that wouldn't reveal anything unsightly when drenched. I have an excessive amount of black skinny jeans and jeggings in my closet so there's a huge chance that I'll be wearing a pair of those because I like being able to move freely without having to worry about my bottoms moving (or showing) too much. 

Lately I've also been into wearing beanies since my hair just gets in the way and I've been blinded by the awkwardness of its length multiple times while crossing the street (maybe I'll tie it during the event). 

You can still choose to add some funky accessories but I think we should all stick to those that'll hold up when wet. Make sure they're not so flimsy and you're not afraid of losing them in a big field- don't really know what to expect when an event is going to draw a huge crowd. 

As for shoes, I'm definitely wearing a pair of boots. If you'd rather go for heels, wear wedges or anything with thick heels. The venue will be that open lot near Mercato Central, so I'll be judging you if you opt strappy for stilettos. 

Whoever impresses me with their outfit on the day will get a prize- be funky, urban, yet casual-cool.  :)

The UP Economics Society Presents:

September 22

9th Avenue Corner 34th Street

Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

Paint the scene AND your friends with water soluble paint using water guns while dancing to the music all set in a FIELD.

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See you all there!

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