Sunday, October 14, 2012

Best dressed up, better, you best dressed down.

Just wanted to share with you what I wore to the Hennessy event at Opus...

I thought I was going to be greeted by people dressed to the nines so I wanted to put a bit of effort into my outfit. I succumbed to this oversized knit sweater even if it was one size too big for me since I fell in love with the neckline! I knew some of the bands playing so I had a hunch that the event wasn't going to be too formal. Glad I wore something breezy cos the venue was so packed and it was so hot! Platform sandals also saved me from inflicting too much pain on my soles. 

Oh, the wonders of changing the parting of your hair. It can totally alter your look! But I was really just trying to cover up my swollen right cheek. 
Nothing special about my makeup- just a bare lip, Ardell lashes (Wispies) and contouring. 

The neckline also saved me from the trouble of looking for accessories... 

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Furby2012 was gifted by my father. I know, random. But I love it to bits!  
I realized that my favorite bag for night-outs & parties has been abused for 4 years already. Decided to purchase a clutch/sling bag today so that Liz Clairbone bag can finally rest (it was my fave since it was the only one big enough for my camera).

Leaving for China tomorrow for a week-long construction convention (how glamorous). I'm partially excited to get on with my life & start making bank! It'll be my first time to go on a biz trip with my own room & agenda. Wish me luck, I hope I get to tweet and still be able to post on Instagram. :)