Saturday, October 13, 2012

Photo diary- first half of October

skull shots
My new DOOMED crystal skull shot glasses are pretty awesome and I regret purchasing only three. I've been hosting a lot of those chill nights at my flat and had to go through a lot of disposable cups for shots. Right now my place isn't earthquake-proof because of the accumulating glassware at my minibar. 
I got those shot glasses from this site but you can purchase them on eBay or Amazon as well. 

I finally had a small housewarming party at my place. Jess, Pao, Sam, Pia and Zarah (she took the photo) came over for some drinks and we also celebrated Pao's birthday on the same night. 

We just basically drank the entire night and watched videos on YouTube. That's not a ghost on the screen, btw... It's the life-sized porcelain goddess in the form of Lana Del Rey. 

My sister and I were called to do a shoot with ETC for a really short segment involving local artists/musicians... 

The set looked like this at first but the team probably rearranged it 5 times... For a 2-minute clip, it took us about 7 hours to shoot. Longest shoot I've endured for a TV segment but it was one of the most fun ones since we were really hyper despite ending past midnight. The team was really cool & we instantly clicked even if I personally HATE being on TV! I'm just basking in the fact that I won't be able to see it- I don't have cable and I refuse to pay for it since I really have no time to veg out in front of the telly. So if you guys see the show and see Riz and I 20-pounds heavier on TV, tweet me so I can tell my mom that it's on! :) 

My sis reliving her Toddlers & Tiaras/ pageant days with the makeup... 

You won't be seeing my exposed tummy on TV since that would totally upset my folks... This was a few days before my exams so I had no choice but to repeat an outfit. 

I think I had about 20 layers of makeup caked on my face when the shoot was over. I had to be retouched again and again because the shine registered well on the cameras but the color wouldn't. 

I also had to fly to Cebu a few days ago since my mom insisted for me to get dental work done there. The rates were cheaper and my dad didn't allow me to have the rest of my impacted wisdom teeth taken out [just days before my trip to China] so I had to... escape. Sorry, dad! I know you read my blog. A vain girl like me can't bear to see one side of my face swell more and more each day! 

I see Makati

I got a cute aerial shot of my neighborhood! I'm trying my best not to worry about it getting too crowded for now... 

We snagged tickets to the Phantom of the Opera, thankfully they extended the season! I know I had to see it since the entire team flew in and the production was just spectacular. I wonder where musicals will be held once they start renovating the CCP theater? 

Opted to wear something that was breezy and easy to move around in since I had to rush to the theater as soon as I arrived from Cebu... My sister wasn't a fan of the awkward length of the dress paired with boots but I liked it! I'm trying to cover my right cheek, by the way... It's still a bit swollen from the surgery even if the dentist said that I was recovering quickly. 

I still have a couple of things to write about and I'm trying to finish all of them before I leave the country... Hope you enjoyed looking through some photos! Structured posts coming up soon... 


Unknown said...

LOOOVE going through your photos! :)


Raleene said...

Thank you, Maggie! :)

A N A G O N said...

I enjoyed this post! :) And I love the awkward length skirt+boots look too! Bagay! :D

Raleene said...

Thanks, Ana!! :)