Sunday, November 25, 2012


wired crown from Anagon

bw5 copy
The golf cart is the only thing I can drive besides an ATV. Sadness. 

And I swear the color scheme of this house changes each time we gather here for the holidays. 

Snapped some photos during my quick trip this morning to see the fam over a late thanksgiving celebration. Being the eldest among the grandchildren, it's natural for the adults to keep prying into my life, especially when it comes to my career. I've never been pressured to set an example but now they're saying that all the things I've accomplished has made me the benchmark for what my cousins have to attain.

Coming from a really traditional family, it's been predetermined for each one of us to choose a "real" profession- that means all art courses  (even Bachelor of Arts courses) shouldn't be considered/are unacceptable. It's a pretty backwards way of thinking, especially nowadays when making a business out of your name or brand through a more artistic output can actually generate more income (but we all know it comes with a bigger risk). I guess our parents just want all of us to have a license to serve as a fallback. I honestly felt that taking the oath for Interior Designers this afternoon didn't change anything for me. Sure, it meant I could charge more for my services and my work would be recognized by the government, but it doesn't guarantee a successful career.

I'm curious as to what my cousins will be taking up for college. My sister quit her first course (Accountancy with Applied Economics) since her passion was clearly in music, so there's an added pressure on her part to prove to the family that she made the right decision. But I am happy that she has that passion- a lot of people lack the fire nowadays! As for me, I'm glad that my course is like design married with science. I want to try my luck in other fields and I am planning to take up Industrial Design or even get a master's in business administration, but first I have to get more experience in design. My goal for next year is to step out of my comfort zone and find another firm to learn from. I'm already nervous, but then again, I'd rather feel that way instead of being complacent. There is ALWAYS room for self-improvement.

Got the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers pin right after my Filipino Inventors Society pin... Not a bad way to close 2012! I am beyond thankful.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

new boots [via iPhone]


Couldn't wait to post better photos of my new mid-length boots from ALDO, so pardon the quality of these as I didn't have the patience to do my usual set-up when I got home from our [super fun!!!] gig. 

 I've been dying to purchase these babies for weeks but I had to make sure that I wouldn't sacrifice my month's budget for shoes, especially on another pair of boots. My attempt at frugality proved to be really successful this time so I knew that I deserved them. Gone are the days when I couldn't last a week without hours of retail therapy, and I have to thank my independence for that. I always thought living alone would lessen my expenses for the home but with nobody else to shoulder the cost for all the things you need for cleaning, cooking, etc., you're left with no choice but to buy them yourself. I'd hate to rant and I know that some of you guys live alone as well, but to me and a lot of my friends, fending for oneself and detaching from your folks at my age is almost a foreign concept. I've decided that I want to expound on that on another post, but I already feel that I have more positive experiences to share about my first few months than discouraging ones. :) 

Thanksgiving traditions will commence tomorrow and I'm excited to see my cousins again! Thanksgiving in the Philippines?! No hatin... My fam's the only one that's not composed of Americans in the bunch. Heh. Although I wish we had tofurkey readily available here. 

If you have nothing else to do tomorrow, spot me at our gig for the BGC Passionfest [High Street] at around 5:30 PM. Will be rockin these boots, of course.

Ending this post with a great number from Riri. Y'all probably know I love her but her live performances never used to impress me... Listen to her voice now! Great modulation & you can barely hear her flats. This is my favorite song from her new album, too. Enjoy.

Saturday, November 17, 2012



Thanks so much to Ana for the lovely wire name necklace


Riz, Joe, Robin and I drove to Tagaytay at 3AM to catch the sun rise this morning. We had to ensure there were a lot of laughs along the way so that everyone was awake while braving the badly-lit roads. We were also able to get a bit of energy from the 7-Eleven coffee vending machine + the tapsilog joint across the road where the Starbucks in Tagaytay was located. Funny how the first thing we all had to accomplish while the sun was slowly rising was to have our fill of iPhone snapshots for Instagram! We hurriedly set-up our gear since the purpose of this trip was for Rob to record a video for someone's birthday. We had a bunch of instruments, cameras and tripods with us. Riz, Joe and I recorded our own covers as well, but I didn't really like the song we picked. I'm not sure if it's going to be posted- I'm convincing my sister to record another song for us since we didn't get to practice for it. 

It turned out to be a perfect day to whip out a pair of reliable Ray-Bans and 'twas windy enough to wear my new studded cardigan from Zara. A bit oversized, it makes one look a bit top-heavy but I am in love with its silk, blanket-feel lining. It looks a lot like my coat from Spanish Moss Vintage but I purchased it anyway since I wanted one with silver studs + it's a lot lighter.  My boots are from Charles & Keith and I've been abusing them since my trip to China. The 2" heel adds just enough height and they're even more comfortable than most of my ballet flats because of the soft insoles. You'd think I'd get sick of wearing [black] boots to work and on gigs, but I feel as though I have to add to my collection just because I know they're always reliable and they can transform any plain outfit into a more edgy one (at least in my POV). 

I'm a bit dizzy from the trip and I haven't gotten any sleep since yesterday (hence the badly written entry) but I couldn't wait to blog this morning since I was too excited to announce that I'm giving away  brand new Ray-Ban sunnies!

Here's how you can win this pair:

1. Follow Ray-Ban Collector's Facebook, Twitter & Instagram (@raybancollector)
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-the title should contain the words Ray-ban and Legends
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Criteria: 50% Creativity and 50% number of comments

One entry per blog site.
This contest ends on Nov. 30, 2012. 


Friday, November 9, 2012

holiday specials from 2nd's

I was invited to sample some of the Christmas specials from 2nd's last night and asked Lissa & Camille to try them with me... 2nd's is known for really great comfort food & an upscale dining experience so I was excited to see what they were adding to the menu. Really interesting flavors going on and sure enough, each dish really reminded me of Christmas!  

2nd's Holiday Specials
Chicken leg stuffed with sausage and roasted chestnuts. Served with potato & pumpkin dauphinoise, french beans, and peppercorn whiskey jus.

-Loved the potato & pumpkin dauphinoise! Cams said this was her favorite, too. 

2nd's Holiday Specials
Served with truffled aioli

-Even if I had to take out the ham, this was still really tasty. 

2nd's Holiday Specials
Served with warm red sauerkraut and rosemary browned butter potatoes

2nd's Holiday Specials


2nd's Holiday Specials
Served with desiccated coconut pinipig, gata butterscotch, and coco sugar.

-I really liked that they made a Filipino favorite more interesting. 

These holiday specials will be available starting November 19 (Monday) til the end of December

2nd's is on the 2nd floor of Quadrant 3, Bonifacio High Street, 9th Avenue Bonifacio Global City Taguig 

Tel. no. +6328465293 
(be sure to make reservations)

Open from Sunday to Thursday 11:30 AM - 10:30 PM (last call) 
Friday and Saturday 11:30 AM - 11:00 PM (last call)

Furne One x Bench

 The launch for the most awaited collaboration between Bench and Furne Onè was held last November 8 at the Peninsula Manila through showcasing 42 never-before-seen pieces of Furne Onè’s new creation, with shoes provided by local designer Nereku. 

Furne Onè X Bench Bench creates a stellar collaboration with one of Dubai’s most prestigious designers, Furne Onè. The designer has truly come a long way from being rewarded in Mega Young Designers Competition, an apprenticeship with Josie Natori, gaining the first prize at the Japan’s Women’s Wear Awards, a finalist in Manila’s Fashion Designer Awards three years later, a store in Dubai with a roster of elite clientele, guesting in Germany’s Next Top Model, and this year, as Bench’s designer perfume “concoctionist.” 

 Three scents are going to be released this season under this collaboration: Unholy Eau de Toilette, and an oxymoron of scents such as Beautiful Boy Eau de Toilette, and Handsome Girl Eau de Toilette. The first fragrance, Unholy, is bottled in a red, glass flask (pictured above). A unisex scent, it has a top note of mandarin, a middle aroma of rose, and musk as its base note. Beautiful Boy, a fragrance for men, is a concoction of grapefruit, neroli, bergamot, cardamon, peppery, rosewood, iris and musk. And lastly Handsome Girl has a floral and fruity cocktail blend of apple, melon, lemon, orange, frangipani, neroli, cedarwood, amber and musk. 


I like what I like: my not-so-basic basics.

Last night's closet roulette resulted to this ensemble. Nothing special, just a couple of old items in a sea of black jeans/leggings/blazers. I wasn't expecting we'd end up in a grand event so I opted for the stretchy pants + top combo since I'm recovering from muscle injury. I can totally do cartwheels in this outfit, and I would, if my legs didn't feel like cured concrete. 

[bubblegum nails by Nail It!]

My affinity for studs, boots and black bottoms dates back to my first attempts at playing dress-up & intrepidly posting photographs of myself online... I started when it wasn't a norm to ask friends to take your OOTD in the middle of a busy promenade, so most of my shots were taken using my tripod. To this day, I still find it disconcerting to ask AND be randomly photographed in public. I'd rather be behind the lens. 

[posted this for my #throwbackthursday on Instagram]
A self-portrait taken in my old study (May 2009). I actually purchased those Doc Martens on eBay- a men's size 8 which are now too big for me. DMs weren't too popular here yet so I had to swallow the fee for customs & shipping. All that trouble for a pair of clown shoes? Now that I think of it, much of the headaches I've gotten from online shopping's always been inflicted by shoes.... 

And yes, I know some of you have been telling me to grow my hair out... Haven't you heard? Hair takes time to grow. I'm just glad that it's turned out healthy after maybe a dozen dye jobs. I do miss my faux-hawk (It's evident as I haven't moved on from that blog header), and a couple of people have been telling me that short hair really suits me, but now I can't wait to rock the mermaid tresses just so I can abuse it til it dies and I'm forced to chop it all off once again. Vanity... it's a vicious cycle. 

Photos from the Furne One fashion show will be up on a separate post. The collection was so extravagant and it deserves to be classified in an entirely different blog entry! 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Sam as Katy Perry in her Purr ad or Kitty Purry