Sunday, November 25, 2012


wired crown from Anagon

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The golf cart is the only thing I can drive besides an ATV. Sadness. 

And I swear the color scheme of this house changes each time we gather here for the holidays. 

Snapped some photos during my quick trip this morning to see the fam over a late thanksgiving celebration. Being the eldest among the grandchildren, it's natural for the adults to keep prying into my life, especially when it comes to my career. I've never been pressured to set an example but now they're saying that all the things I've accomplished has made me the benchmark for what my cousins have to attain.

Coming from a really traditional family, it's been predetermined for each one of us to choose a "real" profession- that means all art courses  (even Bachelor of Arts courses) shouldn't be considered/are unacceptable. It's a pretty backwards way of thinking, especially nowadays when making a business out of your name or brand through a more artistic output can actually generate more income (but we all know it comes with a bigger risk). I guess our parents just want all of us to have a license to serve as a fallback. I honestly felt that taking the oath for Interior Designers this afternoon didn't change anything for me. Sure, it meant I could charge more for my services and my work would be recognized by the government, but it doesn't guarantee a successful career.

I'm curious as to what my cousins will be taking up for college. My sister quit her first course (Accountancy with Applied Economics) since her passion was clearly in music, so there's an added pressure on her part to prove to the family that she made the right decision. But I am happy that she has that passion- a lot of people lack the fire nowadays! As for me, I'm glad that my course is like design married with science. I want to try my luck in other fields and I am planning to take up Industrial Design or even get a master's in business administration, but first I have to get more experience in design. My goal for next year is to step out of my comfort zone and find another firm to learn from. I'm already nervous, but then again, I'd rather feel that way instead of being complacent. There is ALWAYS room for self-improvement.

Got the Philippine Institute of Interior Designers pin right after my Filipino Inventors Society pin... Not a bad way to close 2012! I am beyond thankful.


Jamie Kate said...

you remind me of Mercedes Cabral, Raleene. :)

Jamie Kate

Raleene said...

Yes! You're not the first to say that! hehe :)

Carla said...

Hello Raleene I'm a first-timer visitor on your blog and I really love it, and as a fellow Cebuano, you inspire me. Cebuano surely knows how to rock! :)

Raleene said...

Thanks, Carla! :)