Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

Sam as Katy Perry in her Purr ad or Kitty Purry

Pao as Snake Eyes

Trina in her DIY Tiffany costume-- love it. 

Kalil + Arianna 

Joseph as Steve Aoki + Ram as Nacho Libre

Trina's house was nicely decorated-- even the plates, cupcakes, toilet were all in theme! 

my sis as Jake the dog

love the Starbucks duo

Went to Skye after Trina's house....

with Dani + Miko


like like like 

I swear, Jo was the star that night! 

Oh hey, Psy.

Deadmau5 servin up Alex from a Clockwork Orange

Our ride... Ya digggg? 

No, I wasn't channeling a dragonborn from Skyrim. My character progressed from a mere viking to Anushka to a ViQUEEN throughout the night. I'm just glad I got to wear a long blonde wig and managed to come up with a costume in under two hours (one for purchasing fabric with Cheyser at SM/Carolina's and another to sew with Gigi holding the fabric up) since I was seriously about to give up on Halloween this year. I admit that spray-painting my boots brown would've put the outfit together but I wasn't going to sacrifice my favorite pair just for a night of pretending to be a barbarian. My dress was very rough but you get the idea, right? This is why I can't be in fashion design... 

I really wanted to be Miss Argentina from Beetlejuice this year but I didn't get to buy a flash palette from Make Up For Ever and 2 hours wasn't enough to cover my entire body blue. Might just do that when I celebrate Halloween in another place where I know my makeup won't melt and smear like mad.  I know I say this every year but I'll try my best to PLAN for my next costume! I wanna be spooky or a bit out of this world. Enough of pretty! 

The parties this year did not disappoint and there were a lot of really great costumes. It's refreshing to see less of those sexy-fied versions of animals or professions. I know it's easier to dress in skimpy dresses cos of the weather, but a lot of girls proved that you can still get creative with makeup & tiny outfits. I sorta wish we had Party City here to make things easier for everyone, but at the same time DIYs are good cos they force us to be resourceful (just like how Pao used headbands and bike mirrors for his Snake Eyes eye piece). 

How was your Halloween? Tweet me links to your posts or write them down on the comments section! :) 

[Many thanks to Sam for half of these photos]

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