Friday, November 9, 2012

I like what I like: my not-so-basic basics.

Last night's closet roulette resulted to this ensemble. Nothing special, just a couple of old items in a sea of black jeans/leggings/blazers. I wasn't expecting we'd end up in a grand event so I opted for the stretchy pants + top combo since I'm recovering from muscle injury. I can totally do cartwheels in this outfit, and I would, if my legs didn't feel like cured concrete. 

[bubblegum nails by Nail It!]

My affinity for studs, boots and black bottoms dates back to my first attempts at playing dress-up & intrepidly posting photographs of myself online... I started when it wasn't a norm to ask friends to take your OOTD in the middle of a busy promenade, so most of my shots were taken using my tripod. To this day, I still find it disconcerting to ask AND be randomly photographed in public. I'd rather be behind the lens. 

[posted this for my #throwbackthursday on Instagram]
A self-portrait taken in my old study (May 2009). I actually purchased those Doc Martens on eBay- a men's size 8 which are now too big for me. DMs weren't too popular here yet so I had to swallow the fee for customs & shipping. All that trouble for a pair of clown shoes? Now that I think of it, much of the headaches I've gotten from online shopping's always been inflicted by shoes.... 

And yes, I know some of you have been telling me to grow my hair out... Haven't you heard? Hair takes time to grow. I'm just glad that it's turned out healthy after maybe a dozen dye jobs. I do miss my faux-hawk (It's evident as I haven't moved on from that blog header), and a couple of people have been telling me that short hair really suits me, but now I can't wait to rock the mermaid tresses just so I can abuse it til it dies and I'm forced to chop it all off once again. Vanity... it's a vicious cycle. 

Photos from the Furne One fashion show will be up on a separate post. The collection was so extravagant and it deserves to be classified in an entirely different blog entry! 


Maria said...

I remember this picture! It was the first ever I saw when I started following you! Can't believe it's already 3 years ago.

Raleene said...

Maria- wow! thanks for subscribing to my blog!!! :D