Wednesday, December 12, 2012



Just a sneak preview of our campaign shoot for the skin care line Defensil... We were instructed to wear neutrals so the safest thing I could grab from my black-infested cabinets included a Lycra dress and cardigan from Topshop. Literally just grabbed whatever light-colored items I could find after a meeting in the morning, just so I'd make it in time for the shoot and then be able to walk into another meeting right after. I thought I'd post the last two photos just to show that I can be a bit demure at times... Totally became the butt of all girly jokes yesterday since they were all used to seeing me in dark everything (not including my soul. Heh.). 

I had fun getting tortured at the shoot since they wanted me to smile more... Typical. Would you believe that whenever I'm forced to smile at shoots the crew always has to make me laugh just so my teeth would show? I'm cursed with an extremely small smile and my gums never peek out so I'm more comfortable just staring into the camera. There you go, the secret's out. 

I also attended the Globe Christmas party for bloggers after my meeting but I only have a few iPhone photos to share with you guys. Posting them just for the memriez!


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