Tuesday, December 18, 2012



Reese was my boothmate this year but I didn't get to talk to her as much because of all the buyers! 

Her booth was obviously more colorful compared to mine

Danika & Alyssa's booth was located to my right. They arrived at the venue early like me and it was nice to catch up with them. They're both so bubbly! Major head-bobbin ensued when the music started playing. Loved the playlist that Aisa made from all of our song suggestions! 

I also got to meet the supercool Maya Kibbel. Major hair envy!

She wore these new Gold Dot wedges (she modeled for them last week) and I knew I just had to reserve a pair for myself. 

Didn't get a chance to chat with Cams this year since her fan girls bombarded her when she arrived!

Our Defensil ads were released and I don't know why they revealed such vital information on our tarps... Well, good to know? Heh.

Sam sold some of her stuff at my booth and I'm glad she was there to help me rearrange my items again and again! This girl knows which displays work during bazaars-- such a pro! 

I actually met Ashley before she moved to Japan & started her blog. Her booth was behind mine and I got to chat with her and her best friend Daphne who modeled for me before. Small, small world!

loved the cheeky print on Kryz's outfit

Finally got to meet the sweet Abbie Almasco! Totally screamed when I met her. We've been online friends since 2006!

Mike attempting to look very butch

my idol in handling watercolors, Tin

Performing with the sis while snatching lyrics off my iPhone. Oops.

It rained so hard on the 2nd day of the bazaar & the AC was on full blast- glad I decided to layer and bundle up. Thanks to Ashley for this photo.

Enjoyed the 4th Bloggers United bazaar at the World Trade Center last Dec. 15 and 16! I was actually glad that we had 2 days to sell. Not everyone liked it but I sold everything this year, unlike the previous ones wherein I had about 10 items left at the end of the bazaar. I sold Skinny Sweets cake pops on the 2nd day since Essa stayed home to bake while I was at WTC the day before. As usual, I enjoyed meeting my readers, dealing with extreme hagglers and performing a couple of songs. Good thing we got to perform early this year, there were tons of people during our set! The first day was kind of crazy so I didn't get to take too many photos with people, but it was great seeing everyone. I absolutely loooove all my fellow bloggers and each time we see each other we can't help but scream like we haven't bumped into each other in years! It's also funny how you guys always comment on how tall I am in person. Do I really look short in my photos? Oh no. Thankfully you guys weren't too scared to approach me. See, I only look snobby in photos and I'm really talkative IRL! 

Congrats to the BU organizers and to all the bloggers for another successful event! See you all at BU5 this coming May 2013!


Unknown said...

Wow, looks like you guys had such a fantastic time xx

inkarlcerating said...

yer BU photos are always awesome! haha #cameraenvy

Unknown said...

You always take such awesome photos. Thanks for sharing the event :)


Ashley Dy said...

Thanks Ral!!! All your photos are amazing! <3