Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas 2012 / birthday wish list - beauty edition

While gathering images for my wish list collage this year I slowly realized how much I've been obsessing with sleek and beautifully-packaged [not to mention, PRICEY] makeup. I think if I hadn't been a lifestyle/personal blogger and designer/photographer I would've definitely given makeup artistry a go. Maquillage has always been one of my passions. My appreciation for the craft began when my best friend and I in high school were assigned to be official makeup artists for each school production. Can you imagine the stress we had to go through to slab on layers of color and foundation on each performer while sticking to a super tight budget??? I admit, that the pressure and time constraints we had to work with really taught us how to master the different techniques for each facial feature, especially asymmetrical ones... As well as the different ways lighting and temperature affect certain colors, types of coverage, etc.

We didn't have the luxury and accessibility of good-quality online tutorials when I was in high school, so I'm glad that before shedding cash on anything we can browse through reviews for just about every product nowadays. Nonetheless, we still can't trust all the things posted on the web since the way makeup works for you depends solely on its compatibility with YOUR unique skin-- its type, acidity, undertones, the weather it gets exposed to, etc. (in Filipino, it has to do with how hiyang your skin is with it).

Not all of the things on my list are the priciest ones in the market, but most of these brands I've already grown to love. I like investing in things that won't break or make a monstrous mess inside my purse if I accidentally drop it or bump into things. I also like knowing that I won't get embarrassed of its contents if I ever spill everything out. As much as possible I stick to black, silver or gold packaging (except for my drugstore makeup). Everything has to be neat! I'm just lucky that these products work well for me. Most of the time in cosmetics you get what you pay for if you research enough. You only have one face- invest in good ingredients or else you'll suffer the consequences of those lines and pores showing up too early.

Oh, and I would just like to note that I'm not a total drugstore makeup snob- I have a good balance of high-end and low-end makeup in my kit. Will do an updated list of my everyday makeup essentials soon.

If you have 20 minutes to spare, check out these videos from Lisa Eldridge about vintage makeup. I've always LOVED the way they packaged makeup before- so dainty, chic and fragile! And if you're not familiar with Lisa Eldridge, you have to watch these- she seriously has the most soothing voice among my favorite beauty gurus.

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