Saturday, December 8, 2012

sleep in style

Today, personal style, comfort and functionality come hand in hand in almost all aspects of daily life. It has become second nature to us to consider plating when it comes to eating good food; lighting and design when choosing a home; or comfort and movement when trying on that little black dress. We know how to choose quality without sacrificing style.

The same attitude should be applied when it comes to rest and relaxation, which has become a luxury amidst our busy lives. Magniflex, an Italian company dedicated to producing the best in quality, non-deformable, and highly breathable ergonomic mattresses, has made it easy for our discriminating tastes to choose the right tools to achieve the most restful sleep we most definitely deserve.

Last Sept. 19, I was invited to a slumber [dinner] party at Home Studio to view and try out the different Magniflex mattresses. 

Magniflex mattresses and pillows offer optimum comfort with luxurious panache

Renowned for their use of only the finest, all-natural materials and for their precision in following your body’s natural contours (resulting in better slumber), Magniflex mattresses are not only beneficial to maintaining one’s posture and overall well-being, they are also aesthetically pleasing. Magniflex mattresses are customizable and can be cut to measure, to conform to your height for optimum comfort—and still fit your vintage bed frame. The mattresses also come with their own mattress covers, made with 100% natural fibers such as Wood, Bamboo, Gold, Silver, Maize, Botany Wool and Cotton, making the fabrics hypo- allergenic, breathable, beneficial to one’s health, and eco-compatible (the extraction of the fibers and its manufacturing is not harmful to the environment). The covers, which come in various stylish embroidered fabrics, are anti-bacterial and treated with special extracts such as lavender, aloe vera, and soy to promote better relaxation.

Magniflex also uses technical fabrics such as Outlast, made with the material used in spacesuits (which absorbs excess heat and releases it). Other fabrics are Coolmax and Micro-perforated 3D fabric, which help regulate body humidity and keep the body dry and fresh while sleeping. All Magniflex mattresses and covers have the Oeko Tex guarantee which ensures that a product is made with high quality products safe for both man and the environment.

Magniflex uses memofoam technology in all its materials (Memofoam Magnifoam, Geolatex, Eliosoft, Eliofoam, Latex and Spring), which conforms to your body’s contours and shape. Every mattress is made with either the 3-zone ergonomic structure in mind (which supports body weight in three fundamental areas: shoulders, body and legs) or the 7-zone ergonomic structure for differentiated support of the head, shoulders, trunk, waist, legs, knees, and ankles.

The memofoam technology helps in achieving proper sleeping habits, essential to give the immune system a boost, giving you more protection from common illnesses such as colds. It also regenerates the muscles, bodily systems, maintains metabolism (decreasing the possibilities of gaining weight) and generally favors bio-rhythms, which simply makes you feel better about yourself. Besides keeping eye bags at bay, proper sleeping habits also help lower stress, improve memory, spur creativity, and sharpen decision-making.

With the help of their mattress specialist, I was able to take the test to see which one was right for me. You can also take the test on their website (click on the How do you Sleep? button). My info and sleeping habits all pointed to the Duoform XM being the ideal mattress for me: 

I tried to lie down for a good 5 minutes and I seriously did not want to get off of it. Not posting my embarrassing photo here, sorry! ;)  All their mattresses are great since they repel dust mites, which I'm highly allergic to. 

I was also really interested with their new GEOETHIC line- a range of eco-friendly mattresses and pillows which are both ethical and fully aware of psycho-physical wellbeing. 

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The Magniflex showroom is located on the 2nd floor of Home Studio, which is also a great place for your interior design needs. Mr. Grant Lim (owner of Homestudio, Inc.) gave us a tour of the new building & briefed us before dinner. 

I loooove tiles. I love design projects with bigger budgets since you can choose to use imported ones! 


Dinner was catered by Torch (which was just beside Home Studio)

They also prepared a lovely desserts table by Sophie's Mom for us!

If you're looking for a better mattress for your most restful sleep, I highly suggest paying a visit to Home Studio so you can also try out their different beds. They're so luxurious! Once you find the right one you will definitely feel that you're getting what you've paid for. Your body will thank you for it!

Magniflex is available at Homestudio, 63 Connecticut St., Greenhills, San Juan. 
Tel. nos. (02) 7219832, (02) 7269414

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