Monday, January 28, 2013

Cebu/Sinulog 2013 photo diary

Kryz's birthday at the very chic Henry Hotel (formerly known as the House of Cebu)

Kryz + David

love these two 

Interior designers! 

more about the hotel on Kryz's blog post

I had to fly to Manila the day after her birthday to settle some things for work, then traveled to Cebu again 2 days after to prepare for Sinulog weekend.

Went for a night out with the girls on Thursday, had a gig at the Outpost on Friday, then had my early birthday celebration at one of the ballrooms at City Sports on Saturday before hitting the clubs. 

Amber x Funk Avy at the Loft 

birthday dinner outfit 

I haven't seen some of my high school batchmates in over 5 years! It was great to catch up with some of them. 

Quinito, Lor, Pia, Ayen and Steph- my Sinulog buddies & house mates from Manila this year (missing Ianna in the photo)

With the fab bloggers! Thanks for comin, guys! Appreciate it :) 

Sunday at Baseline...

Nix Damn P! 

How crazy am I for snapping photos while trying to maintain my balance on the fence with these two?! Some of you may have read my tweet- some guards kept hitting our butts with tall sticks since they wanted us off this fence. Ha!!

By this point, I had to leave. The photos show how blurry my vision was getting from all the shots I took. We walked to Ayala where I had dinner with Mia and some of my friends before I managed to end up at the Marriott hotel where my parents stayed for the night. 

The madness at Baseline during Sinulog gets crazier each year! Gotta hand it to the Rhipstop/Spectrum .PH team... It's always a party to remember! My guests are always looking forward to the street party and Cebu gets flooded with visitors from all over the world because of the beautiful Sinulog parade. Next trip, I'll be hittin the beaches since I miss island-hopping around Cebu. 

Love visiting this city because I'll never get tired of the warmth and hospitality of the Cebuanos. The people add to the list of what one can look forward to, aside from the resorts and all the food of course. Thank you to those who helped me show my friends from Manila why I love this place! And to my mom (I know you're reading this)- you're the best host ever! 

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