Friday, March 8, 2013


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dress- Topshop, boots- Aldo, earrings gifted by my friend Izabelli 

This was my 2nd outfit for the Nightmares concert last March 2 at Teatrino.

I took some photos using my iPhone but I don't have any from the actual concert since I was on stage the entire time. 

The guys were hard at work setting up before sound check. Riz edited this while we were having our technical rehearsals.

.... while I was enjoying having the dressing room all to myself.

We shared the dressing room with the talented and funny Zia. I was amazed at how her yaya was so good at styling her hair! 

We did our own makeup. And girls, the only time you should be doing the duck face is when you're contouring! 

Thank you sister for taking photos using my phone. Dedicating a portion of this blog for this flattering photo of you. 

Selfies are in order when you're made up by Raleene! 

This was my view from the stage while Riz and I were doing backup vocals (+ ukelele) for Rob.

My mom and aunt are fans

Riz + Gab + my aunt 

The concert was a success and I'm so happy that we got to perform with the likes of Rob, Zia and John Sung! It's so much fun sharing the stage with really talented people. Congrats, Robin!!! 

You can download the Nightmares album for free on this website
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Hannah L. Magsayo said...

Love the outfit!!! :>

Unknown said...

great photos! love your outfit!

Jeje said...

Hey Ral!

Your dress makes me wanna love cats more :)

Anyway, I'm reviving my blog. Please don't forget to check it.


Gab Mesina said...

You are so fierce!! <3

Unknown said...

Very nice kitty dress I like the denim jacket more tho!

Love your style :D

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Raleene said...

Thank you guys!!! :)