Tuesday, April 9, 2013


necklace - Mia Arcenas, Kobi skirt - Gold Dot, shoes- Zara, bag- Michael Kors, sunglasses- Celine, top- Topshop

This heat wave certainly hasn't stopped me from donning all-black outfits! Choosing the most breathable fabric is the key to battling the humidity since black pretty much absorbs all the heat from the sun. I know my love for this color (or lack thereof) is evident throughout this entire blog, but I just can't seem to be more adventurous on most days because, let's face it, black's easy and is very forgiving especially on days when you don't feel like you look your best.  I also seem to suffer from piling on too many textures, but I guess that's the thing about having a wardrobe that's leaning to monochromes- it's a grab-and-go thing when you never plan and closet shuffle is what you resort to each morning. 

These days I've been successfully mixing and matching my older closet staples to put together more decent ensembles, since my new job is requiring me to dress a bit more put-together. Yes, I've finally decided to focus on Interior Design and I've recently joined a new firm. I badly need experience in this field and I'm really happy that I'm getting to focus on one thing right now! It's also the reason why there's a scarcity of entries on this side of the web, and I haven't been compensating for it on my Instagram or Twitter either. I've adjusted quite a bit and it's really fun to get immersed in something that I truly am passionate about. 

Apart from almost falling into a haphazard way of dressing each day, these past few months I've managed to cut back on the gunk that I pile on to my face. Bid falsies goodbye thanks to lash growth serums (Rapidlash) and maintaining it with Argan Oil, said goodbye to all forms of eye makeup except mascara, stopped piling on bronzer and I only put on a bit of tinted moisturizer before some powder. I really like being able to see my skin and it's not practical to be layering on too many things on your face when you know it's just going to melt off because of the heat.

To brighten up my eyes without them looking too fake or dead (an effect of some coloured contacts), Sarabia Optical recently gave me a couple of pairs of their new contact lens line, Freshlook Illuminate. I've been repurchasing Freshlook Colorblends since freshman year in college (my faves are Gray and Pure Hazel) so I really trust and recommend this brand. As for their Illuminate line, it's supposedly designed for Asian eyes and it has a unique starbust pattern that blends a coloured ring into the iris. It gives a natural look that makes the eyes look bigger and prettier! Even if there's basically just a dark ring and the rest of the lens is clear, the dual-layer colour printing technology they use enhances your real eye colour and interacts with light to adapt to your eyes. They're great for when your eyes are tired and are too irritated for any form of eye makeup. They instantly light up your face!

Since they're dailies, they come in handy when you're traveling, eliminating the need for bulky contacts solution. It's also useful for when you need to go through customs and they need to see your real eye colour.

If you wear glasses or prescription contacts and hate the flat/fake look of those coloured ones, you can get a pair of Freshlook Illuminates from Sarabia Optical located at the concourse level of Powerplant Mall/Rockwell.

Here are some more iPhone snaps from the day I had these photos of myself taken... I finally got to try out the lunch buffet at Solaire's Fresh!

This was the reason why I just HAD TO eat there (I don't do buffets since I don't get my money's worth- I don't eat red meat and hate the guilt afterwards). Loooooved all the fresh seafood.

cute contemporary-retro interiors

What I changed into later that night. Another take on the Kobi skirt from Gold Dot, paired with a denim top and white pumps from Topshop.


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