Saturday, May 25, 2013

CHAMBRAY DAY // giving away tickets to BU5!

shoes- Zara, top- Levi's, sunglasses- Prada, watch & bag- Michael Kors, shorts- thrifted.

Besides work/furniture shopping/doing groceries/running, I am locking myself in my condo for the next month or so thanks to my brother hooking me up with a PS3.
See you later, world. My (wo)mancave is complete. And yes, I need to post photos of it here soon!
Please don't forget to mark your calendars- Bloggers United 5 is on June 1!
I'm giving away 10 pairs of tickets so you can bring a friend with you! 


1. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook 

2. Comment below OR email me a 1-sentence answer to this question: 
What do you think is the most exciting part of Bloggers United? 
Include your Twitter username on the comment/email. 

3. Tweet "I'm so excited for #BU5! @bloggers_united @raleene #raleeneBU5giveaway"

I'm giving away tickets to the ones who submit the most creative answers. Don't mention being excited to meet you favorite bloggers because that's a given! ;) 

Contest ends on May 30 (Thursday).

Good luck and see you all at BU5!  

Sunday, May 19, 2013


New video from Riz and I- Clarity by Zedd ft. Foxes

This was shot when I still couldn't control my voice properly. Still recovering from the flu so you can hear that my voice is raspy. Sorry bout that!

Enjoy xx

Friday, May 17, 2013

AVICII in Manila- Remastering Cool with Ray-Ban

Had to sneak in my Olympus cammy to the concert & getting retweeted by Avicii twice made it worth it! Still getting tons of notifications of people retweeting my photos. Craaaaazy.

So glad I got the chance to watch Avicii at the MOA Arena last night! I was sick the first time he came to Manila so I had to back out from the event even if I was already dressed & made up. 

I can't even explain how amazing the sound & visuals were, my photos don't do 'em justice! I was staring the whole time & dancing. I spent the whole day sourcing in heels so my feet were dead tired, but that didn't stop me from enjoying (take note- zero alcohol!). The big surprise for me was when he dropped some Notorious B.I.G.- the whole arena went wild!!! I still can't believe how he's only my age! 

Such a FUN night, thank you so much to Ray-Ban Philippines for the tickets and for hosting my blog giveaway!

I may not have worn Ray-Bans during the concert, but I wore my clubmasters to work that day...

And yes, I had them changed into prescription lenses. I really love these frames! 

Also wearing a Neil Felipp skull/shogun choker

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pinterest Problems

More often than not, some people really don't realize that they're being mean. 

I should know. If you're a friend of mine or if you've met me before, my humour is different and for a Filipino to make really dark jokes, it's sometimes considered improper. We're trained to be dainty, to be delicate and polite... And I certainly do not express my opinions or joke around like one. Thankfully my number of female friends have slightly increased after high school, but I still have to say sorry now and then for looking too serious when I'm kidding about other things... 

I messaged this girl on Facebook the other day since she repinned two photos of mine on Pinterest- one "selfie" and another of me wearing this outfit. The former was posted on an album filled entirely of girls' selfies under the title "vanity", while the latter in an album entitled "Oh No She Didn't!" that was like a fashion faux pas collage. I get her, I cringe at girls and guys who post too many selfies, plus I also wasn't too fond of that certain look of mine... But the captions were really mean- from making fun of girls being too curvy and insulting them for looking like a hot mess. I understand sites that try to be witty when they point out disasters (some make a living out of this!), but this was just another side of Pinterest that I've never seen. She had the guts to repin from my account! 

Whenever someone posts consecutive selfies and then deny their narcissistic tendencies, I always remind myself that not everyone has a photographer with them 24/7- I should know... I live alone and literally have to drag my sister or friend out if I want another Facebook profile photo or an outfit shot, So the rise of selfies are understandable. Getting annoyed of this, too? Get off Instagram. I've found peace in reducing the habitual reviewing of  my Instagram feed when I get bored.

So I thought about what to write to her. Believe me when I say I avoid and hate judging people. I avoided calling her an "internet bully" or a troll since she wasn't in a comfortable, warm blanket of online anonymity- her Pinterest account was linked to her Facebook profile page. So I looked at her photos and saw that she was a mom. My initial reaction was "How can she be so mean, she has kids!". Then I remembered- parents are people, too! Maybe she de-stresses through Pinterest. But I can't help but think about all the girls under those albums. So I figured I'd write her a short, nice note and greeted her a happy mothers' day. That's how I've gotten through most part of my life, really. I've always confronted mean people and I'm very honest about things. But I always try to remember that they may be scared, too. Attacking people and calling them bullies, pitying yourself-- that's never really a good solution because it leads to an endless argument full of self-serving statements (LOL) and pity pleas. 

Reading her message last night actually made me smile. She realised the meanness of her posts without having to ask her to take down my photo, and I discovered that she was a nice a person after all! We're all the same on the internet. We snicker at the bravery of people posting less-than-perfect photos, we comment and rant freely without the chance of getting a response from the other end. I always think twice about posting certain things and that might be the cause for the lack of entries in this blog, but if I hesitated too much to show my work, to express my thoughts, and to dress differently, don't you think I would contradict myself as an artist? This fearlessness and boldness to show everyone what I like or what I am capable of doing merely stems from being able to create and having the talent to reinvent my work. With half my life online, the one important thing I think I've learned to develop is thick skin, and of course a little bit of patience for all the negativity. 

**If you still don't get her explanation, she apologised since she made fun of me for having a "fashion blog". For the record, I never call myself a fashion blogger. I post about design, my outfits, life, photography and trips... Plus I just like changing my Facebook profile photo too often. This is my space on the internet and I even named it after myself, so what's the problem? It's just so ridiculous to say that "some people shouldn't have a blog".

Monday, May 13, 2013

Remastering cool this summer with RayBan-- BLOG GIVEAWAY!

bikini- Wanderlust, cateye sunnies from RayBan, hat- Brixton

I'm giving away 2 lower box tickets to the Avicii concert on May 15! 

Here are the mechanics: 

1. Follow me on Twitter and on Facebook (I will send the winners a DM)

2. Follow RayBan on Facebook,  Twitter & Instagram (@raybancollector)

3. Blog about how you are remastering cool this summer and how you will be at the Avicii concert.

4. Insert pictures of your Ray-Ban and mention how it makes you cooler than ever.

5. At the end of the entry, post the Avicii and Rayban posters (the ones posted above) and mention why Avicii and Ray-Ban are cool.

6. Your blog post's title should include words "Ray-Ban" and "Avicii"

7. Tweet or e-mail me the link to your entry (@raleene or

8. Tags/labels should include: Ray-Ban, clubmaster, Avicii in Manila, @raybancollector, #remasteringcool

9. Most creative entry will be chosen by May 14, 2013 (10PM) and tickets shall be claimed at the venue. 


Monday, May 6, 2013

BBB (bad blogger blues)

Romper- Cotton On, shoes- Zara, necklace- SM Accessories, cardigan- Topshop

Came across these photos taken more than a month ago, before heading to SMX for Manila F.A.M.E.. I haven't been able to write down my thoughts on this blog, mainly because of the convenience of Instagram! I'm hoping all that's going to change soon as I'm planning to get back to my old style of blogging- back when a photo or two would be enough for an entry. I've somehow forgotten how this was supposed to be like an online journal, so the amount of entries just waiting to be published is piling up. It's ironic how so much of my life has changed during the first half of this year and I haven't told a lot of you about any of that! So far I'm busier but more grateful than ever, and I can't stop saying how lucky I am to be able to actually find what I'm passionate about. It's true that sometimes you find everything that you're doing is so pointless, but they are part of a bigger picture. You doubt yourself so many times, but I've realised it's not that important to seek affirmation/validation from other people-- our own light gives that to us. 

A few photos taken over the weekend...

Too hot even in Baguio. The temperature was up 34ÂșC  before we headed back to Manila!

I had to work on Labor Day so I was allowed to offset the supposed holiday to go to Baguio with the fam for Riz's birthday. I also had to work for my dad over the weekend, but did I manage to finish? No. I doubt anyone else could with THAT view from home! Flying to Cebu is the same story- I lose the will to get any work done and I become too lazy to even go out for a run... Sometimes the city can do you good!