Friday, May 17, 2013

AVICII in Manila- Remastering Cool with Ray-Ban

Had to sneak in my Olympus cammy to the concert & getting retweeted by Avicii twice made it worth it! Still getting tons of notifications of people retweeting my photos. Craaaaazy.

So glad I got the chance to watch Avicii at the MOA Arena last night! I was sick the first time he came to Manila so I had to back out from the event even if I was already dressed & made up. 

I can't even explain how amazing the sound & visuals were, my photos don't do 'em justice! I was staring the whole time & dancing. I spent the whole day sourcing in heels so my feet were dead tired, but that didn't stop me from enjoying (take note- zero alcohol!). The big surprise for me was when he dropped some Notorious B.I.G.- the whole arena went wild!!! I still can't believe how he's only my age! 

Such a FUN night, thank you so much to Ray-Ban Philippines for the tickets and for hosting my blog giveaway!

I may not have worn Ray-Bans during the concert, but I wore my clubmasters to work that day...

And yes, I had them changed into prescription lenses. I really love these frames! 

Also wearing a Neil Felipp skull/shogun choker

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