Monday, May 6, 2013

BBB (bad blogger blues)

Romper- Cotton On, shoes- Zara, necklace- SM Accessories, cardigan- Topshop

Came across these photos taken more than a month ago, before heading to SMX for Manila F.A.M.E.. I haven't been able to write down my thoughts on this blog, mainly because of the convenience of Instagram! I'm hoping all that's going to change soon as I'm planning to get back to my old style of blogging- back when a photo or two would be enough for an entry. I've somehow forgotten how this was supposed to be like an online journal, so the amount of entries just waiting to be published is piling up. It's ironic how so much of my life has changed during the first half of this year and I haven't told a lot of you about any of that! So far I'm busier but more grateful than ever, and I can't stop saying how lucky I am to be able to actually find what I'm passionate about. It's true that sometimes you find everything that you're doing is so pointless, but they are part of a bigger picture. You doubt yourself so many times, but I've realised it's not that important to seek affirmation/validation from other people-- our own light gives that to us. 

A few photos taken over the weekend...

Too hot even in Baguio. The temperature was up 34ºC  before we headed back to Manila!

I had to work on Labor Day so I was allowed to offset the supposed holiday to go to Baguio with the fam for Riz's birthday. I also had to work for my dad over the weekend, but did I manage to finish? No. I doubt anyone else could with THAT view from home! Flying to Cebu is the same story- I lose the will to get any work done and I become too lazy to even go out for a run... Sometimes the city can do you good! 


Honey Andrade said...

Pretttyyyy.. <3

I also have about 15 blog posts on my drafts right now.. I've been busy lately and any free time I get, I spend it on sleeping. The weather here is sobrang nakaka-draaaaain. Argh.

Nice room, Ral!! SEE YOU SOON!!

Raleene Cabrera said...

Thanks, Honey! It always crosses my mind how much more productive I would be if I worked in a colder place. I mean I love our weather, but it's only perfect if you have a summer break! haha.. See you soon please!! :)

Sugar Lane said...

Hi gorgeous!

I've just found your blog through art becomes you, followin u!

Visit mine and let me know if you like it ;)

kisses from Spain,


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