Saturday, May 25, 2013

CHAMBRAY DAY // giving away tickets to BU5!

shoes- Zara, top- Levi's, sunglasses- Prada, watch & bag- Michael Kors, shorts- thrifted.

Besides work/furniture shopping/doing groceries/running, I am locking myself in my condo for the next month or so thanks to my brother hooking me up with a PS3.
See you later, world. My (wo)mancave is complete. And yes, I need to post photos of it here soon!
Please don't forget to mark your calendars- Bloggers United 5 is on June 1!
I'm giving away 10 pairs of tickets so you can bring a friend with you! 


1. Follow me on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook 

2. Comment below OR email me a 1-sentence answer to this question: 
What do you think is the most exciting part of Bloggers United? 
Include your Twitter username on the comment/email. 

3. Tweet "I'm so excited for #BU5! @bloggers_united @raleene #raleeneBU5giveaway"

I'm giving away tickets to the ones who submit the most creative answers. Don't mention being excited to meet you favorite bloggers because that's a given! ;) 

Contest ends on May 30 (Thursday).

Good luck and see you all at BU5!  


Cheska Pagsanjan said...

The most exciting part of the bloggers united is that you can that each of the person who attended this event have their own style its either a male or female. Everyone standout on what they wear and you can also buy to your favorite blogger some dress and accessories which are not expensive and that would be a steal!

Trish lavarias said...

Im excited to go to BU5 because this is my firsttime to attend a BU event. Another reason would be because all ofthe powerhouse bloggers will be there, the items that they would be selling is just a bonus from the event.

Anonymous said...

What do you think is the most exciting part of Bloggers United?

Answer: I've never been to any Bloggers United before, this is my first time (if possible) to try to be part of it. As I've read blogs about this event I've learn that this is a benefit event. It's about helping DiksyonaryoAtbp in raising children's literacy. By means of donating old or new children's books or cash so it can buy more books. I'm so excited to attend the event because of their goal: helping children. And it's also a great opportunity for me to be in front of the admiring bloggers.


Janella Cruz said...

When other girls go gaga, as well, looking for the most fab item from the bloggers' closets! Paunahan!!! :)

Alexandrine Delfin said...

Hi Ms. Ralene! For me the most exciting part of Bloggers United are: * you can see how filipinos really know fashion! *you can buy clothes in such low prices! * you can interact with fellow fashionistas and have an advice from them about trends, styles and blogging! *for this BU is the donation of books which is really a big help for kids out there! *lastly is the giveaway, free raffles and freebies!! ♥


Jee said...

When fashionistas get the chance to bond with the Top fashion bloggers like you, aside from that is the enjoyment while looking for cheap great stuffs from the bloggers and also we're not the only who will be happy but the children because we will have the chance to help them by donating our old books to them.

Jee said...

@jeeantonio. i forgot to include my twitter username, sorry!!

Morela Encarnacion said...

The most exciting part is having a chance to meet my favorite fashion bloggers which I have'nt meet in person and buy their pre-loved items at very low prices! And most importantly taking photos with them. @morelaencar

Anonymous said...

The most exciting part of BU5 is to be able to meet other bloggers aside those who are gonna participate in the event and, you never know, make friends with 'em too.

Mhaica Cerdeña said...

The most exciting part of the much awaited BU5 is that aside from the happiness that you can get by just seeing your fashion inspirations, you can still be able to lend your help through the bazaar's cooperation with @DiksyonaryoAtbp and nothing beats the feeling of fulfillment that you are able to give. <3 @leemhaica

Janine Lucero said...

I'm excited to make new friends with people who have the same interest as me and to meet my favorite bloggers and to buy their clothes they are selling.

john ralph Gaspar said...

The most exciting part for me is for the first time I'll be attending Bloggers united 5!! Next is, I heard that there will be donation of books for children so It's gonna be more exciting because you are not just there to shop but instead to help at the same time! Lastly is meeting new people specially knowing that both of you are having the same interest in life! :)


arrianne_pacinos said...

I think that the most exciting part of the bloggers united is that we get to express ourselves through fashion with the people we look up to. :)

Anonymous said...

The best part about being on Bloggers United is definitely not the fact that you get to own the clothes that was once from your favorite blogger. It's about the socializing: that feeling when you're able to click shoulders with people who have the same passion & interests as you. That is truly Bloggers UNITED. ;)

@JereKiddo on Twitter