Monday, July 29, 2013

Post-PRK light sensitivity [via iPhone]

My eyes are still puffy from crying the whole night last Friday. The Photorefractive Keratectomy (PRK) procedure was pretty quick and painless (they pointed a laser for about 20 seconds on each eye). The only weird part about it all was smelling the protein burning + the clamp that made me feel like Alex from A Clockwork Orange

The hours that followed slowly felt like hell, with the blurry vision, sharp shooting pain (you can feel your eyes healing from being lasered, it's like your eyes being poked with a toothpick) and major light sensitivity. I had to rely on my sunglasses even in the dark and put the brightness on all my devices to zero. I didn't have to wear goggles unlike those recovering from LASIK, but I had to wear plastic eye patches each night to make sure I didn't scratch my eye. 

For two days I kept asking myself why I had to go with this procedure instead of  LASIK (zero downtime), but the more I read about it (I was dying of boredom, okay?) the more I realized that I made the right choice. Athletes and people in the army are always encouraged to get PRK, mostly because the chances of complications are minimal. With LASIK a corneal flap is created on your eye before they treat it, and things like bumping onto a tree branch can dislodge it in the future. With all the climbing I'm doing I'm glad I went through PRK without the painkillers and medicine which slows down the healing process. In America patients are typically given Valium before the procedure, and some even say they're given Vicodin right after as a pain reliever. 

I'm getting my contact lens bandages removed later today. My eyesight is sooooo much better now, but I have trouble reading up close. It takes time to achieve 20/20 with PRK (as much as 6 months) since the surface of the cornea takes time to heal, but right now I seriously feel so great! So thankful I got this procedure done!!! I'm excited about surfing without goggles/contacts, climbing without having to bring extra contact lenses and of course waking up without having to reach for my glasses! 

If you're interested in PRK here are a couple of tips
  1. RESEARCH about the whole procedure, its risks, complications and the healing process. A lot of people blog and vlog about their recovery, it just takes a bit of Googling/Youtubing. My operation went well but it doesn't work for everyone. I was scared about the failure rate before the operation. 
  2. Consult a few doctors. Read reviews online or talk to a few people who have had it done. It's important that you trust your doctor and they disclose everything about the procedure. 
  3. Ask a lot of questions. Let your doctor explain the healing process and complications. If they say yes to every patient and convince you that it's 100% safe, walk away!
  4. Allot 1 month of not being able to read up close, and about 3 months of shifty vision. 
  5. Don't worry too much. Your eyes can't heal instantaneously. You're going to be blind and in pain during the first week. I heard the first few months will be tortuous, but you're going to love your new vision and you'll realize it's all worth it.

My doctor was Dra. Alnette Tan of the American Eye Center. You can tweet her or AEC for questions! 

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TOPSHOP : 1 Item, 3 Ways - functional workwear

Jacket courtesy of Topshopwatch - Emporio Armani, bag from Michael Kors, shoes from Topshop, dress from Zara 

 Had the chance to get some photos taken with the help of my sister and friend David after work last night and I'm loving the one-light photos! I think it's time to do some chiaroscuro portraits soon... 

As much as I'd like to say that I get to design and sit comfortably on my desk the entire day, my job entails so much more than that, which is why I have to actually think about what to wear (ugggghhhhh). My wardrobe has always consisted of too many short skirts and bodycon dresses, and the opposite side of that spectrum is made up of loose tops, running shorts and warmers for climbing/yoga/running. I've realised that I have very few casual pieces decent enough to wear to work or for site visits/sourcing materials, which is why I've been loving cover-ups and outerwear for when I have meetings or super cold offices to be in. This is the last entry for my  1 Item, 3 Ways series and for the nth time I want pockets in everything! Can designers please start incorporating hidden pockets for women's clothes? I need to have my tape measure, phone, compact, keys, a pen and cards/cash on me all the time. Girls like me can definitely up their productivity with urban active wear that's functional and easily dressed up with their choice of shoes & accessories. Or maybe I should just start investing on vests, jackets and.. fanny packs! Fanny packs rule! (And that last statement is why I would never be allowed in the world of fashun). 

Thinking of posting more interior design-related things on here, because I seriously am loving my job! Even if interiors make me miss the outdoors! ;) 

P.S. Please pray for me as I get my eyes laaaazurrred (getting PRK, not LASIK) this Friday... I've had enough of losing contacts, breaking glasses and not being able to see underwater. Hopefully I'm not part of the 20% who experience dry eyes [forever] after the surgery. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time! 

Topshop has 10 other branches all over Metro Manila and is located at the ground floor of Ayala Center Cebu. Get updated with the latest trends and exciting promotions by liking their Facebook page or by following them on Twitter  and on Instagram.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

TOPSHOP: 1 Item, 3 Ways - rainy sunday

Jacket courtesy of Topshop, watch - Emporio Armani

As tweeted, my favorite word at the moment is nifty, and that's exactly the word that best describes this jacket thanks to the huge pockets. 2 Sundays ago my sister and I were tasked to lead worship for Church Simplified again, and as usual I decided to (sort of) dress up on the last minute. I figured it was best not to bring a bag since I had to walk 3 blocks from my place to 2nd's at High Street. Thankfully these front pockets were big enough to hold my cards, pressed powder, keys and some cash! Now if every piece of clothing I own had pockets, my dwindling love for handbags would finally obliterate.

I'm starting to realize that my tomboy side is resurfacing, with these bi-monthly trekking/climbing/camping trips. I swear, R.O.X. is becoming my new Zara... which should make you worry since outdoor gear isn't exactly cheap (plus I can't really wear them to work). It used to make me sad that I left a city surrounded by beautiful beaches for a place with resorts that just can't compare.. til I discovered that Luzon has so many good trails and mountains to climb! I can go on and on about this new obsession, but I'll leave all of that for my next post.

Topshop has 10 other branches all over Metro Manila and is located at the ground floor of Ayala Center Cebu. Get updated with the latest trends and exciting promotions by liking their Facebook page or by following them on Twitter  and on Instagram.