Thursday, July 4, 2013

TOPSHOP: 1 Item, 3 Ways - rainy sunday

Jacket courtesy of Topshop, watch - Emporio Armani

As tweeted, my favorite word at the moment is nifty, and that's exactly the word that best describes this jacket thanks to the huge pockets. 2 Sundays ago my sister and I were tasked to lead worship for Church Simplified again, and as usual I decided to (sort of) dress up on the last minute. I figured it was best not to bring a bag since I had to walk 3 blocks from my place to 2nd's at High Street. Thankfully these front pockets were big enough to hold my cards, pressed powder, keys and some cash! Now if every piece of clothing I own had pockets, my dwindling love for handbags would finally obliterate.

I'm starting to realize that my tomboy side is resurfacing, with these bi-monthly trekking/climbing/camping trips. I swear, R.O.X. is becoming my new Zara... which should make you worry since outdoor gear isn't exactly cheap (plus I can't really wear them to work). It used to make me sad that I left a city surrounded by beautiful beaches for a place with resorts that just can't compare.. til I discovered that Luzon has so many good trails and mountains to climb! I can go on and on about this new obsession, but I'll leave all of that for my next post.

Topshop has 10 other branches all over Metro Manila and is located at the ground floor of Ayala Center Cebu. Get updated with the latest trends and exciting promotions by liking their Facebook page or by following them on Twitter  and on Instagram.


Anonymous said...

I love your boots! Where did you get it?

candhone said...

Gorgeous shoes! Where are they from? :)