Monday, August 19, 2013

the introvert wears yellow

Dress- ShopThisEasy, bag- Zara, heels- Topshop, denim jacket- Miss Selfridge, earrings- YAWYW

Get this dress at ShopThisEasy and these studded earrings at ShopYAWYW  

Just last week my boss jokingly handed me a top with pink flowers printed all over it since she noticed that I dressed like a goth- mostly clad in black, denim and grey studded outfits. If there's any color I'm willing to wear it's either blue or red, both still very safe and never too feminine. When I received this dress in the mail, David exclaimed, "OMG, you?! Color???" but I think I almost took it as a challenge to mix things up a bit. 

It's been raining the entire week and this Sunday's been the worst so far. The storm's just building up but I know some parts of Manila are already flooded (thanks to updates via SMS- I have no cable!) so I'm just glad that I am not stuck with a ruined tent on the peak of some mountain

This weekend I curled up into an antisocial ball and managed to stay at home just to recharge and really give myself a break. I refused to go out even if so many people tempted me every night- it seems to be the only time I get to see all of my friends! Sunday was an exception. I dressed this way just to uplift the mood a bit and walked to the nearest pub to see 2 of my friends for dinner, ice cream and some drinks. Now don't you just love seeing me in a coloured outfit that screams I AM A GIRL?! Reminds me of my college self with the long hair, short skirts and high heels-- oh no!!! 

I hope you guys are all safe and warm tonight! 


krissy ♥ said...

Times like this, I am also gravitating towards bright colored pieces (I got a pair of yellow wedges and a yellow bucket bag last week LOL). You look great, Ral! :)

Raleene said...

@Krissy- Best way to stand out when everyone's in dark layers :) Thanks, Krissy!!

Anonymous said...

hi i love your jacket.. 'san mo na buy?

The Fashion Pledge said...

You look absolultely stunning!!


Sue N. McGill said...

You're so fabulous!