Sunday, October 6, 2013

Bali photodiary [part 2]

[read part 1 HERE]

Had late lunch/dinner at a really cool beach club, Potato Head. We had to line up for a good 30 minutes outside to get a table but it was worth it! 

the girls: me, Alyanna, Erika, Patty & Sam 

boys: Jason, Marc, Marco, Gab, Roy

Another really beautiful beach club- VUE

Headed to our villa after to catch the sunset 

Sam got these at a local pharmacy for her colds since she got really sick the day after surfing... Don't they remind you of NERDS?

Visited the Uluwatu Temple on our last day & there were so many monkeys! We were given bananas to feed them... 
The bananas were useful if you didn't want them to steal your earrings and sunglasses... We witnessed a girl's glasses getting snatched and it took some slingshots to force the monkey to throw them back to her!

Had an awesome seafood lunch by the Jimbaran Beach

Swam again by the time we got to the villa and had some failed attempts at taking underwater photos using my iPhone + Otterbox Armor case. It's great for taking videos and photos underwater, but I got it mainly for the crush-proof factor (need it for mountaineering- I dropped by last phone over a cliff last February). 

This trip was one for the books! 5 days just isn't enough.  We all can't wait to go back to Bali, there are just so many beautiful spots and great restaurants. We even enjoyed some hole-in-the-wall types with really good food. The price for fine dining ain't bad either, sometimes it turns out cheaper than our restaurants in Manila! 

We booked a villa at Eden the Residences by the Sea. It's good for 10 people and it comes with free breakfast each morning. We went around Bali riding taxis but we rented a coaster on the last day since Uluwatu was about an hour away. Everything else is just 15-25 minutes away so it's not hard to get to places. We didn't prepare an itinerary either- we relied on restaurant reviews online, as well as the villa's suggestions on where to go. Overall, Bali is a great place to go to if you want an easy trip. Great place to surf, swim, eat and lots of beach clubs to enjoy! Will probably have to add elephant rides and a good spa experience on my next visit! 


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So incredibly envious of how beautiful this place seems! :) Thanks for sharing your photos.

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