Sunday, October 27, 2013


My dad gave me my first floppy hat! ♡

Thanks so much to World Balance for these white Vivacious cross-training shoes. Great for casual looks and for doing T25! Abusing these babies soon & will be posting some looks

My white obsession is more literal compared to the girls fussing over lightening their complexions. Now that I've slightly achieved the morena look I've always preferred, I've been enjoying contrasting the tan with everything blanc. Clean and casual or crisp and formal- other than black this is the only color (or in the correct definition, the presence of all wavelengths of visible light) I feel comfortable in. Not the most ideal thing to sport in this city and the fabrics can be tricky to maintain, but I think the ones who can rock this clean color are the ones who carry themselves well. I also can't explain why, but I only fall for guys when I finally see them in plain white v-necks or button-downs. Slightly messed-up but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with how easygoing and approachable someone looks when wearing white. It must be all the light reflecting and giving you that glow [physics, whatever]... 

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