Thursday, October 31, 2013


cropped top- Trilogy + classic New Balance 420s

It's hallow's eve and I'm at home writing a short post before watching another gory flick. As some of you may know, I have bouts of introversion and sadly it's happening on the same week of my favourite holiday. I just don't know what got in me, I had at least 3 costume ideas and I knew I could pull them off in a day just like the the last few Halloweens, but this morning I was more excited to do household chores and even went around the neighbourhood for a couple of hours. I've also kept my phone on Do Not Disturb mode since Tuesday apart from silencing my home phone. This has got to be the worst my antisocial spell has gotten but I'm learning to accept that I just need some time to hear my own thoughts so I can work effectively and efficiently again. The last few months of hanging out with people has taken a toll on me- I've been more anxious and high-strung, so I need to just close off all the external voices and chill out. 

I'm back to being obsessed with sneakers (hello, freshman + sophomore year!) plus I've been accumulating some more tees because of the weather. Quite disappointing to those who follow this blog for fashun tips but the last few weeks have proven that I can definitely accomplish more things in flats! Fun fact- my friends used to call me "sneaker girl" in college (before design majors), way before I started this blog. Quite excited to cop some kicks this Christmas- we're celebrating the holidays in San Francisco! 

Oh, and about the title- Fear of Missing Out? I never have a problem with that, and that may be the only good thing about being an introvert.  Happy Halloween, everybody!!!