Thursday, November 28, 2013

BLIMS window display by Empire Designs

These are photos of the actual display we set up last Monday at BLIMS Greenbelt 2. All furniture pieces are from BLIMS, except for the antlers and stainless steel trees which are from Empire Home.

This was the original perspective I came up with using Sketchup and rendered with Kerkythea.

Taking a cue from the recurring use of wood and stainless steel in the latest collection of BLIMS, Empire Designs takes inspiration from these elements to create an INDUSTRIAL WILDERNESS vignette, mirroring the play between soft and hard materials often used in contemporary interiors. This creates a display of whimsy and modernity that is a favorite look in today’s trends. 

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Maybelline New York: The Search for the new 8 BB TOP MODELS

A couple of weeks ago Maybelline New York sent me a package containing three amazing new products. I was so excited to sample them and was surprised to find out that it also came with an awesome new contest for all you guys!

MAYBELLINE NEW YORK is on the lookout for 8 ladies who will be the 2014 Top Models of 8-in-1 Clear Smooth BB!!!

Because MAYBELLINE Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB gives you perfect skin with its 8 healthy benefits, they are calling all aspiring models who believe they have what it takes to be one of 8 MAYBELLINE NEW YORK BB Top Models who will represent Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB in a photoshoot and win a P100,000 modeling contract with Ideal People Models!


Interested ladies ages 15 and above* can join via the 2014 BB TOP MODELS Application on the MAYBELLINE Philippines Facebook Page from November 4 to November 30, 2013. Candidates should provide the following for participation to be valid:

(1)  Headshot
(2)  Body Shot
(3)  One-sentence statement on why they believe they should be a MAYBELLINE BB Cream Top Model.

*Ages 15-17 are required to submit parental permission to participate.

Here are some samples of photos you may want to submit: 

A clear HEADSHOT with little or no makeup- the Maybelline Clear Smooth BB Cream is perfect for this! It provides just enough coverage and still allows your natural skin to be seen. Enhance your best features, don't hide them! 

Make sure your BODY SHOT is clear from head to toe. 

Don't forget to include a sentence on WHY YOU SHOULD BE PICKED as one of the top 8 BB models! 


8 winners will be named MAYBELLINE 2014 BB Top Models and be ambassadors for Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB for a year.

The highest scoring model will receive an exclusive 1-year modeling contract worth P100,000 with Ideal People Models, one of the country’s most reputable modeling agencies, while the runner up will receive a P50,000 contract.


Collect as many votes as possible for a chance to be part of the finals. Each voter is allowed to vote a candidate only once, and can vote for up to 10 candidates.

The top 30 candidates who get the most number of votes will be invited to a casting on December 6, 2013. The jury composed of representatives from MAYBELLINE NEW YORK and Ideal People Models will select the Top 8 winners.

WISHING YOU ALL THE BEST!!! Tweet me your entries so I can retweet them


Sunday, November 17, 2013


cross-training shoes from World Balance
[World Balance on Twitter & Instagram]

Surprise! Even my workout clothes are in greyscale. I just feel like I can wear pieces more often (and in different situations) if they're not in crazy colours. For site visits I usually wear leggings and sneakers since I sweat easily so loose/thin clothing is always the way to go. I also walk everywhere around my neighbourhood everyday so I avoid wearing anything fussy anymore. I can walk in my comfiest heeled booties but flats are obviously more comfortable. I was never a ballet flats kind of girl- it's either sneakers or TOMS for me. These World Balance cross-trainers are my first white pair and I'm glad they made me choose among their newest styles. There are a lot of nice, colourful ones but this is something I can definitely wear everyday. It has great support and they're really easy to prance around in! 
Second month of T25 starts tomorrow. Ugh. I love/hate it. 

Sunday, November 10, 2013


cropped shirt - Trilogy, necklace- Mia Arcenas, shoes- Adidas Primeknits

Super casual 'fit on a Sunday for brunch and church with my dad & sister... Still trying to wrap my head around what's about to happen in the weeks to come. I might have to take a hiatus on social media & blogging for a while (it's not like I update regularly anyways, haha). Please pray for me, guys!!! 

And while you're at it, please add my sister's new Facebook page for her music. Don't forget about Walkie Talkies, too... We're back! 


As soon as everyone from my hometown and the other parts of the country prepared for this super typhoon, I was already getting nervous about its effects and I knew I had to prepare myself for the photos and videos that would be posted online... I don't have cable (I choose not to watch TV) at home so I rely on social media for updates about everything around the world. This video just really made me so emotional and angry at the same time -angry because people in these cities were obviously not expecting something like this. They kept repeating that it was going to be a "storm surge" but nobody knew exactly what that meant! 

As of this moment I'm just glad that we were able to get word from our relatives in Abuyog [after 2 days of not being able to reach them] that they're fine and there are no casualties in their town which is just an hour away from Tacloban, the city in Leyte with the most number of reported deaths. Although their house doesn't have a roof anymore, I'm super glad that my grandparents are still okay! Can't say the same for the other cities though and I've stopped myself from watching any more videos of the aftermaths. The bridge to their area is completely wrecked so I have no idea how my uncle is going to get there since he's braving the terrible conditions to bring my grandparents' medication and some food for the rest of the family. 

I know we all have our own ways of helping our countrymen and I'm glad that people are showing that no good deed is too small- it's okay to share that you're doing your part. I don't want to rant about the government officials in my blog anymore... I'm encouraging everyone to make even a small donation or help out in packing relief goods. The Bangon Philippines site isn't so updated but you can find other links to different organisations whom you can donate to on the same page. Unicef also has a simple and secure form you can fill up- just donate any amount you can! 

Christmas is just a few weeks away and I hope you guys have the heart to help out instead of buying excessive gifts. Our country is obviously unprepared for these kinds of disasters. Don't you think we can all sacrifice this year to just helping others out? Imagine all the families with no home to come home to and nothing left in their possession. A day or two of meals, water, medicine and toiletries would surely lift their spirits up for the holidays as we celebrate the season of true self-forgetfulness

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I lost one earring and was so careless last night! I also lost my favorite ear cuff + chain earring along with it, so someone must have hit my ear without me noticing. It's just horrible. I spent one whole morning looking for it but N A D A. I'm quite depressed right now and it's annoying how a small thing can cause this. Dear self, it's your fault and you are not supposed to be materialistic!

Now if any of you can point me to a place where I can find the exact same earring, please tell me!!! This was a grad gift from mum. So much for only wearing these on special occasions... I've worn these in the most sketchy places and they just had to disappear in Prive, on that ONE night I decided to go clubbing again! 


*end of whining*

Monday, November 4, 2013


Maddy platforms from Gold Dot, printed cover-up from Zara


I'm so excited to share with you a really crazy event happening around the Philippines on November 7 (this Thursday)- it involves one of my favourite college cheap thrills- the 7-Eleven Slurpee!!! It's the first thing that comes to mind when anyone says the phrase brain freeze and this event is totally going to create so much buzz since 7-Eleven is giving you a chance to fill ANYTHING with as much Slurpee as you want for only Php 29!

The Philippines' first ever Slurpee Bring Your Own Cup day will be happening on November 7, 2013. For only Php 29, you can use the craziest “cup” that you can get their hands on.

How does it work? Customers are encouraged to bring the craziest cups they can think of. Anything that can be filled is fair game provided that it follows the rules. As long as the “cup” in question is hygienic, watertight, fixed in size and shape and able to fit in the MaCUPangyarihang Bilog, customers can fill it to the brim with Slurpee. Be warned, however: Brainfreeze may occur

The famous movement that started in Australia has made its way to Malaysia and now, the Philippines. 
Slurpee BYO Cup Day kicks off the celebration of a landmark partnership between Slurpee and Coca-Cola. 

On Slurpee BYO Cup Day customers who participate can upload their photos with their craziest cups in the online contest. Post your photos on 7-Eleven's social media pages on Facebook and Instagram and you can win Php 5,000!!! 

Not sure about what I'm bringing on #BYOCupDay to hold all my Slurpee in, tweet me your suggestions! 

Again, be sure to use the hashtag #BYOCupDay to keep tabs of the Slurpee madness this coming November 7.

For more information on BYOC, visit 711 Philippines on Facebook, follow their Instagram and Twitter and tag them when you post your photos! 

Check out this video to see what happened in Australia during their BYO Cup Day.

Friday, November 1, 2013


Sneaker designs for women that stores carry around here are quite disappointing so I usually get the smallest men's sneakers in size 8 (I'm a women's 7.5). I was surprised to see that the Adidas store at High Street carried the new Primeknits for women! Quite similar to Nike Flyknits but apparently Adidas won the copyright battle against Nike for this kind of technology last year. STILL, these are just perfect for my achromatic-lovin self.