Monday, November 4, 2013


I'm so excited to share with you a really crazy event happening around the Philippines on November 7 (this Thursday)- it involves one of my favourite college cheap thrills- the 7-Eleven Slurpee!!! It's the first thing that comes to mind when anyone says the phrase brain freeze and this event is totally going to create so much buzz since 7-Eleven is giving you a chance to fill ANYTHING with as much Slurpee as you want for only Php 29!

The Philippines' first ever Slurpee Bring Your Own Cup day will be happening on November 7, 2013. For only Php 29, you can use the craziest “cup” that you can get their hands on.

How does it work? Customers are encouraged to bring the craziest cups they can think of. Anything that can be filled is fair game provided that it follows the rules. As long as the “cup” in question is hygienic, watertight, fixed in size and shape and able to fit in the MaCUPangyarihang Bilog, customers can fill it to the brim with Slurpee. Be warned, however: Brainfreeze may occur

The famous movement that started in Australia has made its way to Malaysia and now, the Philippines. 
Slurpee BYO Cup Day kicks off the celebration of a landmark partnership between Slurpee and Coca-Cola. 

On Slurpee BYO Cup Day customers who participate can upload their photos with their craziest cups in the online contest. Post your photos on 7-Eleven's social media pages on Facebook and Instagram and you can win Php 5,000!!! 

Not sure about what I'm bringing on #BYOCupDay to hold all my Slurpee in, tweet me your suggestions! 

Again, be sure to use the hashtag #BYOCupDay to keep tabs of the Slurpee madness this coming November 7.

For more information on BYOC, visit 711 Philippines on Facebook, follow their Instagram and Twitter and tag them when you post your photos! 

Check out this video to see what happened in Australia during their BYO Cup Day.

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