Saturday, December 28, 2013

Castello di Amorosa- photo diary

Umm... I am obsessed with my GoPro! 

I had a scarf with me that didn't make it to this photo, but yes it was crazy to wear this top considering that it was 8℃ out this afternoon. Never got to wear it more than once in Manila since I always managed to sweat in it even if it's supposed to be breathable but I guess that doesn't apply to all climates. 

Frescoes in the Great Hall were done in 18 months by two artists from Italy. So beautiful! 

We visited the Castello di Amorosa this morning for a tour of the castle and to taste some of their wines. Learned so much from this trip and I'm glad I didn't back out since I thought it was going to be boring at first. The authentically styled 13th-century Tuscan castle/winery was really pretty and I can only imagine the grand events they have around the place each month! They had so many things brought in from Europe and the imported materials to build the castle alone amounts to at least $40,000,000. I especially enjoyed the torture chamber with authentic tools & machines, as well as the great hall with frescoes by two Italian artists. If you're visiting San Francisco I'd recommend driving up to Napa Valley if you're into wine and your group consists of mostly adults (my brother didn't get to sample the wine so it wasn't as fun for him). 


Maggie Adofo said...

What cutie. That ginger kitty is absolutely adorable as well lol.

Maggie A

Anonymous said...

Hi Ral!

Did you use your GoPro to take all the photos in this post?

Raleene Cabrera said...

Anon- nope. I used my Olympus for most of the photos. Just the distorted ones are from my GoPro.

Anonymous said...

Hi ral, what's the shade of your lipstick?


Raleene Cabrera said...

@Anon- No lipstick or gloss on these pics :)