Monday, December 23, 2013

San Francisco for the holidays- day 1

As I am the expert on packing for any trip during the last [30] minute[s], I stashed a couple of my old favorites & cold weather reliables, having promised to shop upon arrival for new and better clothing... A huge fail on my part after having only packed 9 kilos. Apparently we were each allowed 2 big bags!!! My luggage was no match even for the boys who had more clothes than me. I dub myself as the master in packing light! Am I a real girl???

The hours preceding my flight to San Francisco involved taking out my own stitches, having an emotional breakdown at the Mabuhay Lounge (yes, i cried. in front of my dad- two NO-NOs in my life) and then thanking the lord for delaying our flight by an hour and a half just to e-mail out files to a couple of people. It's horrible how I am highly dependent on the internet, portable chargers and memory cards- whatever happened to my dreams of being a yogi/hippie living in front of the beach or on a mountain? It seems like each year I add so many headache-inducing tasks to my life and then convince myself that I can handle it. The phrase "I miss my yaya" kept repeating in my head during my last two days in Manila, and that says a lot. I love being independent, working around a silent space and controlling everything that's happening in my schedule, but having some friends over to help me pack, de-clutter and give me input on some work would've been convenient and would've saved me so much time.  

The exhaustion caused me to finally sleep and my eyes were shut during the 12-hour plane ride, except for the times I had to eat horrible airplane food. Days of sleep deprivation helped me avoid the effects of jet lag, and I am adjusting really well to our schedule here. My insomnia is no joke- it's been with me since grade school. Coupled with real work and tight schedules, it really messes with my emotions and ability to prioritize things. I've learned to deal with it without the meds, but it's still a crippling part of my system.

Won't be able to spend the holidays with our family up in LA and New York, but I think this is what our parents want- just 5 of us together for the holidays since we all live in separate houses (plus my mom and brother live in a different city). Our set-up is weird but it makes the time we spend with each other extra special. My parents and siblings are the most interesting people I know and it's nice to save all our stories for the limited time we have with each other. I think we'd be killing each other if we all lived in the same house- especially with me, the grumpy one who screams "DON'T TALK TO ME" when under pressure. Trust me, you'd rather be my friend than my sibling. 

Posting more photos soon!!! Happy holidays, everyone! 

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