Thursday, January 2, 2014

Golden Gate + Sausalito + POFA

Obsessed with these dusty sneakerboots. If I could buy safety pairs, I would. 

When you have impatient and unwilling siblings as your photographers you can't help but flash this look of annoyance on 50% of your photos. Shoutout to my lazybutt siblings! Thanks for putting up with me anyways. ✌

C'mon, a trip to San Francisco isn't complete without a touristy photo of the Golden Gate Bridge! 

the city ♥

We visited Sausalito and I fell in love with the place! All I could do was daydream about having a house on top of the hill and owning a yacht.  

Special post with my mum since I liked her outfit today. Teased her about her getting style tips from this blog but she denies regularly visiting my site! My dad reads every post but how come my style/aesthetic won't rub off on him? Hmm.. 

We dropped by the Palace of Fine Arts. 

It reminded me of being in design school and having to memorize the parts and details of columns/classical orders. Not part of my favorite memories of interior architecture at all. 

Tomorrow's going to be our last day here in America and I can't help but think of how much I'll miss San Francisco. The number one reason why the fam chose this place for the holidays was the weather- it never gets too cold or too hot. Everything is accessible downtown and staying at the JW Marriot Union Square was really convenient for us. We're also thankful for family friends who were kind enough to drive us so we could tour around a bit. 

On our first week I expressed how I really missed Manila, mostly because of the weather, but later on I think what I missed the most was having my own place/personal space. Two weeks with the fam was a bit overwhelming for me- having people constantly talking and moving around me 24/7 is something I haven't been accustomed to for 7 years now. I like being in America obviously because it's a lot cleaner and organized than the Philippines, but it will never replace home. 

Because of friends and family I'm always tempted to move or work here. I can honestly see myself being here in the future but I don't think I'd be able to really settle here because of the weather (again, I HATE the cold) and me being an antisocial grinch- it makes me crave for happier/warmer people whenever I do decide to go out. That quality about Filipinos just keeps me sane. 

I'm excited to go back home and get back to working but I'll definitely miss San Francisco (except the food). 

Happy new year, guys! Hope you guys had a blast welcoming 2014.   :) 

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