Sunday, February 16, 2014

Review: AIAIAI Tracks headphones w/ mic (BLOG GIVEAWAY!)

I was recently given a pair of AIAIAI Tracks headphones (w/ mic) by Digits Trading. I own a pair of AIAIAI TMA-1 DJ Headphones w/ mic and til now I just can't travel without them. Apart from delivering great sound, AIAIAI headphones are really sleek and stylish so I was excited about getting a chance to give one lucky reader a pair. 

I won’t get into the technical/geeky stuff too much, but basically here's what I think of the Tracks headphones:
  • It's really cool how the ear cups are detachable and the "buttons" can be interchanged
  • Even without padding, they're really comfortable
  • Not having specific clasps the headband can latch onto allows the user to adjust the headphones more.
  • Buttons feel a bit too hard at first, but you get used to them eventually.
  • Sound-wise, the headphones are pretty nice. I was afraid it would deliver too much of the highs or bring the bass up, but after using them to listen to songs from different genres, everything seems pretty fair and "true".

Final notes:
  • If you're particular about wanting unbiased sound, you might like this!
  • Be careful not to wear the ball and joints out if you don't want to keep the ear pads falling from time to time. It's not really a big problem but this may be an issue for some people. 
  • It's the perfect pair to have on the go! 

Aiaiai Tracks HP w/ Mic Blush Plum color

Visit AIAIAI's website

Distributor Philippines: Digits Trading

AIAIAI Tracks - P2450

You can also get a pair from their resellers:
Beyond the Box
Digital Hub
Digital Walker
Music Colony


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2. Tweet or Instagram my photo of the headphones above (2nd photo) and state why you'd like to win a pair of AIAIAI Tracks headphones from @raleene @digitstrading
3. You should be from the Philippines  


This contest ends on FEB. 28. 

I'm looking forward to reading your answers- the most creative one will win! You can even state why you appreciate good sound quality or why good headphones really affect the way you experience music. 

Good luck! :) 

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kelly biasong said...

@raleene I'd like 2win a pair of AIAIAI Tracks headphones from @DigitsTrading because.

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