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Review: PIONEER VSX-1223-k

Last January, Pioneer Philippines was kind enough to send me their SC-1223-k AV Receiver just in time for my birthday! With a bit of help from my uncle I had a chance to set it up and try it out to put up a semi-decent review for you guys. A bit technical but I wanted to cover everything in case any of you will be getting a new AV receiver soon.

Pioneer's VSX-series AV receiver line-up was designed to support today's connected lifestyle. They're compatible with iOS and Android for easy access to music streaming options and improved control of features and functionality.

Each receiver offers top quality audio and brings a variety of new features with the top of the line models boasting expanded high resolution audio file playback, multiple HDMI connections including a dedicated second zone HDMI output, 4k Ultra HD compatibility, Pioneer's propriety ControlApp and iControlAV2013 App, and more.

  • Expanded iPhone, iPadd and iPod support- you can enjoy the tracks on your devices. They also charge whatever device you connect to it via corresponding cables. 
  • Pioneer control apps- Pioneer ControlApp and iControlAV2013 apps are available for download from the App Store and they expand control over the receivers and their home cinema settings from the convenience of your iPhone, iPad touch or iPad. You can also get both apps for Android devices via Google Play. Both apps enable you to access your music libraries stored on your devices and create playlists that can be streamed wirelessly to the receiver, all from within the app.  
  • MHL 2.0 input- a feature first introduced in the flagship SC models is now available on the VSX models, offering users the same Mobile High Definition Link (MHL) connectivity build in on the front of each receiver for integrating smartphones as additional sources of high quality audio and video. HDTV owners can play HD video content with multi-channel sound (up to 7.1 channels!) through the receivers while simultaneously charging your devices. 
  • HTC Connect- if you have HTC smartphones, you can conveniently stream music content directly to the Pioneer networked-enabled receivers via a wireless connection. HTC Connect enables music playback and control of the receiver's volume from the smartphone with the ability to use the device simultaneously for other functions, from making and receiving calls and taking pictures to downloading the latest apps and surfing the Web. 
  • AVNavigator- the VSX-1223 also feature Pioneer's AVNavigator, an interactive set-up guide and owner's manual that provides you with a quick way to learn about all of its new features. 

(High quality audio and video from any source!)
  • Airplay- you can stream your iTunes music whether from Mac or PC, as well as your iPhone, iPad or iPod. 
  • High-resolution playback- the new receivers enable playback of high resolution WAV and FLAC files via a USB or networked computer. The new top 4 Pioneer models also now have built-in Apple Lossless and AIFF playback. They include gapless playback for AIFF, Apple Lossless, WAV and FLAC files offering improved listening experience by providing uninterrupted playback of consecutive audio tracks. 
  • Endless music- features internet radio music via vTuner. 
  • 4K Ultra HD Pass Through- Pioneer is ready for the next generation 4K Ultra HD resolution standard, which has 4 times the resolution of the current 1080p standard! The new line-up of receivers can pass through 4K video signals to compatible displays, offering the highest quality video image available.
  • ECO mode- Pioneer designed the new models with the added benefit of reducing power consumption in both on and standby mode. With the new ECO mode, users can, in real time, analyse and control peak volume corresponding to the content being played to reduce power consumption while still maintaining content audio quality (ECO Working), reduce power consumption when the receiver is in standby (ECO Stand-by) and easily se the "Ecology function ON/OFF" feature in 3 different ways- from the remote control, ECO manager on the iControlAV2013 app, or the front panel of the receiver.

More thoughts on the VSX 1223-k:
  • The great thing that I love about this AV receiver is that it has internet radio. 
  • It can also be used with other input devices thru multiple HDMI ports available. 
  • Unfortunately, I don't have a subwoofer speaker so the sound was a bit thin.  This would be great for a complete speaker set-up. 
  • The electrical set-up is straightforward but the SW setup and menu can be a bit tricky to use so you need to be patient with it. 
  • Love that I can control the amp through my iPhone via the WIFI network with the app. It can also be controlled thru your MacBook! 
  • It's perfect for hi-res audio formats like Dolby True HD, DTS Master, Apple, AIFF, WAV & FLAC files. 

You can visit Pioneer Philippines for more info.

Hope you guys found this review useful for your next AV receiver purchase!

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Clariza said...

Nice! Might be something I definitely look into. I love the connectivity feature. I've been on a mission to get all my tech stuff updated. Stereo stuff has been on the bottom of my list since I havent seen anything that has really jumped out at me but this review was great. might actually move that up on my list haha <3 love your blog!