Sunday, May 25, 2014

Milan photo diary [part 1 of 3]

Naturally I went all tourist-mode and looked around the shops surrounding the Milan Cathedral / Duomo di Milano.

Europe is always a design student/designer's playground. There's nothing like seeing all the architectural details you've slaved over during college up close!

Of course I had to thank Him for all the blessings!!! 

Booked one of the apartments under Concoct Milano and this was the door to their office located along China Town. 

Michele (the owner) took us to the apartment just along the design district Brera which was just 5 minutes away from the main office.  

Breakfast was a bowl of giant, juicy strawberries fresh from the Farmer's market 20 meters away from the apartment. LOVED IT. 

The bathroom was masculine and neat- so me. 

I really liked the clean and simple bedroom. The only thing missing were hangers in that bright closet but I was fine with that. 

The kitchen was well-equipped and I ended up laying out all my accessories on the counter.

I wasn't able to take a photo of the living room since we dumped all our luggage in that area. It had a sofa bed, TV and dining table. The large windows gave us a great view of the streets with small designer shops. Michele was also kind enough to give us a pocket wifi which we took around Milan for unlimited internet. Super fast and super convenient! 

For two days I realised I hadn't taken a single photo of myself in Milan so a selfie was in order... This was also the time I found out I got accepted into Pratt for my masters! Happy is an understatement. 

Design week was loads of fun especially because there were pop-up installations along the roads. There were also a lot of fun events in every courtyard. 

Fresh seafood and veggies!!!


Trying to look put-together in sneakers.
[Nike Lunarelites, Balenciaga Velo, leather jacket- Mango, top- Zara, sunglasses- Prada]

Caprese galore!!! Loved that there was an abundance of my favourite salad in Milan.

And the cannolis? Of course the real thing tastes better than the ones I enjoyed in Little Italy (NY). 

I also enjoyed a night at Navigli with some friends... Less photos, waaay more fun. ;) 

I loved the entrance to this Balenciaga boutique. 

More pop-up art installations!

I really liked the entrance to this Zara outlet.  

A Prada window display that reminded me of some of my friends. 

And a painting which reminded me of my other friends. Ha ha!

... to be continued! :) 

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Maggie Adofo said...

The scenery looks breathtaking, the food looks delicious and CONGRATULATIONS for your Pratt acceptance! Wishing you an absolutely wondering experience.

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Maggie A