Sunday, June 29, 2014

Milan photo diary [part 3 of 3] - Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014

A mandatory photo of me at the venue just so this trip grants me points for my CPE booklet (we need it to maintain our Interior Design license, haha!) 

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Milan photo diary [part 2 of 3] - Salone Internazionale del Mobile 2014

The Salone del Mobile was the main reason why I traveled to Milan a few months ago [view part 1 here]. I don't really travel out of the country unless it's business-related or if I know I can attend a convention in the city [Instagram is deceptive]. This was my first time to attend Salone and I think every designer should go at least once or twice!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Some hair + skin-related ramblings

outfit details here

Thanks so much Neil Felipp for my Zero Wing choker! 

So I've given up on editing my hair black on all my photos. Decided to dye it deep black again 2 weeks ago at Basement Salon (SM Aura branch). Their services are a bit pricey but I'm just glad my hair didn't get fried. It's been years since my last hair treatment since I refuse to do anything to my mane. I'm a no-fuss gal who can't even be bothered to use a comb! I'm glad Asian hair isn't so hard to maintain but it can be a pain to watch curls uncurl in about an hour even with maximum hold hairspray on. I think I'm sticking to the all-natural, messy locks for now. 

I've also started to really spend some time under the sun to get a healthier glow!!! The thought of living in New York for 3 years without nearby beaches and mountains to climb is starting to scare me... I sometimes wonder why a lot of Filipinas just can't embrace their brown skin. I LOVE being brown but my tan usually fades after 2 weeks (no thanks to my mom's genes). Ocean Potion's Xtreme Tanning Xcelerator has been a godsend- just an hour an a half outdoors with that on will get you 2 shades darker! I practically hoarded a couple of bottles from Watson's at Aura after a week-long search since Cheyser recommended it. I know, I will probably get some flack for promoting sunbathing but doing it twice a year shouldn't hurt me since I put on a layer of sunblock...

I still have to post the 2nd blog post from my trip to Milan! Visited Cebu last weekend for a bloggers' bazaar + quick beach trip so I'm posting photos on that as well... 

LOL (lots of love), Raleeney.