Friday, September 26, 2014

September 2014 photo diary

Do not be deceived, it looked like a really hot day but all I did was run towards the water and then run back after less than 30 seconds because it was too cold (I forgot I wasn't in the Philippines anymore).

Necklace from Luxirare's e-shop. As if my bitchy resting face isn't enough to say that. 

This wallet necklace is just so... nifty! Especially for someone like me who commutes with a backpack 3 times a week. I like the chain even if I'm wearing a sling bag since it just adds something to my all-black outfits. A bit short for bills but I fold them twice to fit and it's fine. The best for when I need my metro card and school ID while rushing, no need to take off my backpack or reach into my purse.

We waited for about 45 minutes but it was worth it. I didn't know we were coming here for dinner so I was staaaarving, but my shrimp sandwich was the best! Try their apple pie and frozen hot chocolate (duh), you won't regret it. 

Went to the Moscot shop right after a field trip. Sad that I can't justify purchasing eyeglasses after getting my vision fixed. 

I had to sew a huge piece for class without any knowledge in sewing and headed to Mood Fabrics for materials... Instantly reminded me of Project Runway! I remember being obsessed with the first season but after that I couldn't be bothered to watch the next ones anymore. A lot of people keep asking why I'm not in the fashion biz instead-- I absolutely hate sewing, I'm not fashionable (I just like what I like) and I don't think I can survive having to pick fabrics all the time. I do that for furniture/curtains and I dread every minute of it. Anything draped and involving fabrics just makes me hate life. I'd rather shop online or have someone make clothes for me, k?

Fall! Taken at the Machinery and Engineering buildings at Pratt... 

My favourite number multiplied by itself or raised to the power of the same number. I had childhood OCD and did everything in 3s- like turning knobs, looking to one direction thrice (and to the other direction thrice, and the opposite direction thrice again to make it 3), etc... I didn't know that they had a name for that sort of insane behaviour. I'm glad I got over it/outgrew it because I can't imagine having those spells every time I'm anxious. It's time consuming and it doesn't look right in public! Half my life I'd be obsessing over unnecessary details and come on, I don't want to live like Adrian Monk. 

I've always loved the Boost technology by Adidas so I had to get those Y-3 Yohji Boosts... Also copped the Stan Smith pair by Pharrell Williams since a black on black basic pair's missing on my rack. 

Currently my favourite pair- the Puma x Alexander McQueen Move Mid high-tops. Ugh, I keep telling myself that sneakers fall under the NEED list but we all know that's not healthy. 

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Come back I miss you! <3

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