Monday, September 21, 2015

Current Fave - Balenciaga Race Runners

I'm back from a six-month long blogging hiatus!!! 

Summer was loads of fun and New York is so lively and beautiful during this season so my photos have been piling up. I started working again while taking classes so I've only been updating my Instagram. I also had to start commuting between Long Island to the city on some days because being married (yes, you read that right) meant I couldn't spend time away from Darie anymore. My commute was bearable thanks to the LIRR being super quiet at 6 in the morning (people just want to get to work), but that also meant it was an 80-minute ride on the LIRR then a 40-minute subway ride to work. I was spending 4 hours commuting in addition to walking all over the city every day so I naturally I had to wear comfortable shoes. 

I purchased a couple of sneakers over the summer but these Balenciagas turned out to be my ultimate fave. I bought them impulsively while saying goodbye to my friends at Saks on their last day in NYC. One of them had the same pair in a different colourway and warned me that they pinched your toes during the first couple of wears. This wasn't such a problem for me because they are honestly so pretty. I'm not even exaggerating when I say that I get asked about them every other day by girls and guys alike. The branding isn't visible at all so that's one reason why people ask to know where I got them. They are available in a lot of different colours and the women's version has a 10mm wedge! A bit tricky to walk in since the wedge is flat but it doesn't seem to bother me now. 

They are a little over $700 after tax but you're really paying for quality (made in Italy). I'm tempted to buy them in another colour but still questioning its practicality come winter season with the city covered in puddles of slush and unexpected rain/snow each morning. They're made of mesh, neoprene and calfskin (shark style). 

We're currently staying in the city again since I'm taking maximum credits this fall and thesis year has started- I'm anticipating loads of work again so I can't waste 4 hours each day commuting.

I can't wait to finish my masters!!! Wish me luck!


Geraldine said...

wait, getting married??? no way. haha congrats ral! and 4 hours on the subway is cray.

Raleene Cabrera said...

@Geraldine we already did! I have to rewrite that bit to avoid confusion. Haha!

Yaminaa said...

Hello This shoes is #beautiful
I live in Belgium
where i Will have this shoes?