Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Yoga Essentials

Lulumeon Athletica open-back chambray top & high waist Wunder Under leggings, Apple Watch with Milanese loop, crop top/bra from Urban Outfitters

I'm a lazy dresser on most days. When I know I'm heading to the gym, I make sure to carry an easy coverup for after-workout sessions. This tank from Lululemon is perfect- worn over your sports bra, you can tie the back or leave it open so your post-gym self won't look too disheveled! If I'm not wearing black I'm usually in chambray or denim. Chambray is a bit tricky to wear since thin versions can crease easily, but I think it can work if the rest of your outfit is snug and seamless. It's getting colder now so I may have to say goodbye to my yoga pants obsession for a couple of months but I won't deny that my closet has piles of them in black and dark prints! I think athleisure is becoming more acceptable to wear if you choose pieces that are easily transformable from your home-gym-work. I still don't advise skipping the showers though... you wouldn't want to attract attention the wrong way!

I've been wearing my Apple Watch for a few months now so I think it's about time I write a mini review on it. Will let you guys know how I think it's useful on another post!