Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Shopping Look + What's In My Bag

Don't mind the imperfect ponytail! Ruined the photo a bit but let's be real- tight hairstyles are not worth the migraine. 

As it gets colder I stop caring about how flattering my outfits look. I stick to big tops so I can layer a tank top under and stay warm with a coat. I always wear jeans (goodbye, yoga pants!!!) and in the deadly temperatures I wear thermals under pants. I try to feel a bit better about looking frumpy by wearing interesting shoes and textured tops. This sweater was from my aunt in LA and it's from Kitson- a cute LA-based shop that I'm sure everyone knows about. I hate letterings on tops but this has cute mesh details and I've gotten compliments on it, so yay!

Living in New York has changed the way I've shopped. I don't spend too much on tops anymore since they're eventually going to be buried under coats. I spend on shoes and accessories that I know I'll reuse to death, as well as outerwear! I absolutely hate the cold so I'm not freezing my ass off in some bad wardrobe choices. Unlike the Philippines I have to keep 4 sets of clothes here. It's expensive but I've learned to really think about what to buy since my closet isn't big enough for unusable items. 

Yesterday was about looking for a leather jacket since my favorite one is starting to give up on me, but I ended up buying a wool coat from Balenciaga instead. I know some of my friends might be saying "Not again!!!" but I just can't keep myself away from the brand. Maybe you'll see it in this blog, maybe you won't. Right now I repeat pieces so much anyways and I'm trying my hardest to post other interesting things here other than OOTDs

I recently purchased a new bag and I think it deserves a spot here since I've been wanting a Givenchy Pandora since college! Thankfully I was able to find this croc-stamped version (medium) since I love different textures on black. It's suede on the sides and the rest is in plain calfskin. It's the perfect school bag right now and I know it'll be a great office bag. I'm at that age when I'm starting to put money on more quality pieces. 

I'm in love with this bag and it's my favorite one for now. 

I always bring a blank Moleskine reporter's notebook for school/work. It's the only kind of notebook I use & collect so everything stacks up nicely. The ink from my rollerball pen just works amazingly well on it. I hate writing but this makes me want to take notes and Interior Designers depend on that! The pen is from Mont Blanc and my father is to blame for my obsession with their writing instruments. I carry another pen in every bag because people will always ask to borrow one and I'm not crazy, I'm never giving away the Mont Blanc! 

The shades are from Chanel and the retractable brush and compact powder are from Chanel as well. I use their drawstring bags/cosmetics packaging for my makeup and camera. I just love reusable packaging! Chanel always uses durable bags and boxes.

I carry only a bit of makeup in my bag and I can survive with only these items. I use a MAC Cosmetics 266 brush and the Tarte Amazonian Clay Brow Powder (grey) for my brows. My current favorites also include Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer and Benefit's Better Than Sex mascara. The Nivea hand cream is also another thing I've stuck with for years. The lipstick is from Make Up For Ever- Rouge Artist Intense Mat 1 (a gift from my friend Jamie, thank you!).

The revival of this blog is thanks to my new Lumix GM5. It's the smallest micro four-thirds camera and my trusty Olympus 45mm f/1.8 is perfect for it! Obsessed with the camera. It's easy to use and more importantly it's extra light so I can stuff it into any bag or big jacket pocket. The kit lens is great, too. It's a wide angle that's useful for trips. It has a bit of a zoom but I'm to used to prime lenses so I never bother with it. 

The wallet is a men's wallet from Balenciaga. I always carry a men's wallet so I don't overstuff it with receipts, coins and useless objects. Everything fits- cash, IDs, credit cards, two USBs and a spare SD card. 

This bag is HUGE- I can fit my old iPad in it! Not pictured: my passport, iPhone battery pack & cord, rubbing alcohol spray, tissues and blotting sheets. All my things are in black and this bag is literally a black hole. If I lose my sense of touch I'll probably have to switch all my things to different colors! 

I like my things clean, neat and simple. This is why I'm living in an achromatic bubble. I use too many elements for work so I don't like using anything that I'm eventually going to get sick of.  

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