Saturday, May 21, 2016

052016 + Graduation

My poor bag, always filled with bananas, apples and nuts for snacks!

varsity jacket- Adidas, Run Away sneaker- Louis Vuitton, sunglasses- Prada, bag- Givenchy, top- Zara, leggings- Lululemon

My friend Jastine just commented on how I should quit this athleisure look but I can't seem to stray from it! It's just easier to dress down when it's about to get hotter in New York (YES!) so I always wear a light cover-up for when the AC is blasting at work. 

Also- Adidas is killing it at the moment and I'm about to break away from the blacks since their new collection is TDF.

In more important news, I'm officially DONE with grad school and I am looking forward to my month-long break this August!!! Also happy that I can work more now. Need to get some vacation funds ready! But seriously, I have to focus on getting back into the world of Interior Design, especially since I have to practically rebuild my career here... not that I'm complaining- this city is the best place to be for designers like me!

The fancy venue for this year's Pratt grad- Radio City Music Hall!

The most annoying important men in my life!

I am ready, excited, driven and at the same time a bit scared for what's to come - this combination is what fuels my passion!