Saturday, May 14, 2016

My 3D-printed jewelry holders

bracelet/necklace holder in white strong & flexible polished plastic 

earring holder in metallic plastic

ring holder in matte black steel

day's jewelry dish in matte bronze steel

earring holder in black acrylic

One of my electives for my final semester at Pratt was Parametrics. We had to learn to use Grasshopper with Rhino, an amazing and powerful modeling tool used by a lot of architects and engineers. Grasshopper is much like coding and is very complicated. Grasshopper definitions look intimidating, but I was able to grasp some of the basics in one semester. 

Our first project required us to create a grasshopper definition that could create 5 different modules with a few tweaks in the definition. I knew I wanted to create holders for accessories- simply because I wanted to be able to use them after the semester! 

preliminary sketches

Grasshoppper definition I worked on  

I'm planning on creating better versions so I can create and sell them on Shapeways. Every girl needs nice jewelry holder thangs! 

We had another project for the final... Posting that one up next! 

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