Monday, May 23, 2016

Never Wear White to a Food Market

Loved this jacket so much that I had to wear it out again! I was too careful with it today since we ate outdoors. Even had to wipe off some stains with water twice. Now you know why I wear black!

I loved my Race Runners so much that I had to buy another pair in a darker color. It's hard to maintain the soles because NYC is a filthy place, but that is easy to solve with some Pink Miracle Bottle Shoe Cleaner or Magic Eraser (sneakerheads, you can thank me later).

An awkward jump shot after Riz and Jastine went "Do something sporty!" LOL

Varsity jacket & tank dress- Adidas, baseball cap- Gents, sneakers- Balenciaga

Jastine is my David in NYC (My friends are occasional art directors for this blog, HA!)

We drove to Prospect Park today to have lunch at Smorgasburg. I wanted to snap some photos but we all got too busy eating! My faves were the truffled mushroom lumpia from Lumpia Shack and Baonanas! Darie loved Carnal and Riz, Jastine and mum went for some Ramen Burger. I highly recommend going even if we had a bit of trouble with parking (the park is packed on Sundays). We ended up having to Uber after parking 10 blocks away- Brooklyn blocks are so much bigger than Manhattan's!

I wish my dad and brother were still here (they left for Manila last Friday) to roam around Brooklyn with us a bit more. I live in Manhattan but I love heading to BK only because there aren't as many tourists and the events are always chill. I used to study and I now work in Brooklyn... I can't choose which borough is my favorite! Took a couple of photos around Bushwick the other day and will be posting them on here soon.

I apologize for the lack of food photos. You can always stalk them on Twitter!


Cara E said...

You look stunning!

anderson said...

You lookind sooo nice