Wednesday, June 22, 2016


The only dress I got to pack this weekend - glad it worked well for the beach!

Jastine tagged along - she was there to tan while we went fishing.

We were fishing on the shore for about 4 hours and I enjoyed every minute of it! We got to use the new 10' rods we bought.

We got two of these sea robins but didn't think they were good enough to eat so we let them go.

Then Darie caught this amazing 2-foot striped bass! Five of us had this for dinner the next day and it tasted GREAT!

Some obligatory glowy shots even though we did not get a decent tan during this trip...

And of course Darie needed a photo of his overly-accessorised truck- look at that glowing unibrow!
(We got a pass to drive on any beach for the entire summer, woo hoo!)

Beautiful sunset at the Montauk outer beach!

Can't wait to go back. xx